Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Raining... yippee!  (we need rain here in Jacksonville)
Hope your morning is going well!  I worked on more of my little "hexies" last night.  They are so darn cute... I just adore them.  I think I told you they were very popular at quilt market this year.    Here they are.... Don't they look huge?  NOT...they are only about 3" across!  Each little "hexie" is 5/8" !!!

Here is my larger "Hexie" project.  I had shown you some of the flowers before and I'm now sewing them together.  It's all Daiwabo Fabric. (Japanese taupes...!)

I had finished this earlier in the year and have it hanging (as a sample) in Cinnamon's Quilt Shop over near the wool.  These are hexagons... but they are called "Hickory Nuts".  It is a plastic template set that you use to make the center and the folded rim around the center.  I used wool for my centers.  This is so wonderful.... OMG how I can't wait to get it in my house!

I saw these on Pinterest.... Isn't it wonderful how they have made "planned" scrappy flowers.    This is SO ME!!!!

Look at this adorable pillow with the added edging!  These are large hexagons that she has sewn together and then made this adorable pillow.  So sweet!  It's so awesome how things look totally different only by picking the different size of the hexagon and the color palette!

Now.. if you are new to English Paper Piecing...there are all kinds of tricks! 
1.  Use paper templates... they do make plastic ones...but you need to leave the template inside until you have completely sewn it to other hexies on all sides.  Having a good supply of the plastic templates can get very costly if you are working on a larger project.
2.  Before using the paper template - punch a hole in the center of it (single grip hole punch).  Once it's time to remove the paper, simply slip an orange stick, or stylus tip in the hole and pop the paper out!
3.  Instead of stitching your fabric down around the template... use a glue pencil.  you lightly dab glue on the fabric edges ONLY and glue them to each other at the corners.  I use the Sewline Glue Pencil... they work wonderful! 
4.  Once you have glued (or stitched if that is your method) around the "hexie" - turning under the edges as you go... press it on both sides.  This gives you a nice crease on the edges making it look clean and neat !!
5.  If you don't want to applique down your finished project (for the borders), they now make 1/2 square hexagons that you can fill in the edges of the border!!!  It's hard to explain... but once you investigate'll see what I mean and you'll love them!!!
See these three doggies... I burst out laughing ... they remind me of when Vicky and I and our older sister, Linda were all little.  If something went wrong in the house, our mom would line us all up and tell us she wanted the one that did the "bad little thing" to admit it!  What...was she joking???  We NEVER squealed on each other... so she would punish all three of us... you know... no playing outside (who was she we were all in the house with her), no riding the horse, no watching tv!  Yep...there we were...they dynamic 3 girls that stuck together like glue!

Remember some time ago where I showed using a clear shoe bag to hold your "whatnots" and small sewing supplies.  Here is another option that is a bit smaller and may be easier for you to find a location for.  This is a jewelry keeper (I think that's what it is to be used for???).  I love it!!  It would be easier to keep things in something this size as a "category"... like applique things... etc.  They sell them everywhere.  Finding some in the color combination of your quilting studio would be fun!!  I could make it... but for something like this... "write a check" and work on your quilt instead!

I love this...they are using very soft wire and spelling names to attach to Christmas packages!  Wouldn't this be fun to make little name pins too....hhhhmm.... my mind is going a mile a minute with possibilities!!  I thought it was pretty funny she's spelling Jack.  Shes wrapping "tweed" twine around it...but I simply love the metal look!

This little fellow is so confused?  He looks as though he is taking a nap!  Is he trying to stay warm, stay out of the snow, thinking it's a clever way to get dinner (yummy birds....)?  I just don't know... I hope he can get out of that looks pretty tight! is your cutie picture.  I can't tell if he's stretched out and relaxed???  Or... is he slipping off the back of the seat and those eyes are saying...''hellllllppp.... I'm falling!"  He sure is adorable... wish he belonged to me!

I've decided what project(s) I'm taking with me this weekend to my Holly Jolly Sewing Retreat!  I'm taking an adorable paper-pieced project!  I've never done it before.... the one I'm doing Lynn R. was working on at Camp Blanding.  I loved it so much...when we got back home... I went to Cinnamons and bought the pattern.  I even have the color choices in my head.  The problem is... I have to find where in the heck I put it.  I think with that and my little hexies... I'll be pretty busy.
It's hard to work on large projects when there are so many of us sewing this will be simply perfect!!!!  Don't you love it when a good plan comes together. 
I'm off to gather my things and start packing.  I always have to start a couple days ahead... that way when I remember something I forgot to pack... boom... there it is!  Clever don't you think?
Have a super Wednesday (hump day) and I'll chat again tomorrow!


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