Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's raining!! 
I know this is something the people on the north east coast do NOT want to see... however, we need rain here in Jacksonville.  I haven't watched the news yet this morning, but from last night's weather channel it doesn't look good for our poor friends up north with a new storm front moving in!  Stay safe everyone... we are all thinking about you!
I wanted to share the NEW patterns from Red Crinoline Quilts!  They are so wonderful! 

Lincoln's Watch

Lizzie's Scrap Bag
River Road

Star of the West
Then they made new samples (kits) for some of their popular patterns... this is  Second Hand Clothes. 

The red one is so awesome!!  How in the heck can you go wrong having a red quilt in your house?  This is James River!

Make sure you visit their website...they have some wonderful kits!!!   Red Crinoline Quilts
Here is another quilt rack and shelf that I think is awesome!
Too bad we can never find out where to buy these.  I can just see it all decorated in my house!  Wouldn't it be adorable to put my children's sewing machines on the shelves along with some of my collection of pin cushions and old sewing items?  LOVE IT!!
I saw these funny pictures and just had to share them with you! 
This fellow does not look real happy he has to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.... look at the expression on his face.  I know his wife (or girlfriend) must have made these and talked him into going to some silly party that he doesn't want to attend! 

Now this is pretty darn clever... however I'm wondering how in the heck she sits down?  Plus... going to the ladies room may prove to be a bit of a challenge.... don't you think?

Then...they had this pattern for a crochet mask - really?  A crocheted mask...that you can see through?  I simply want to ask the question of .... WHY?    This looks pretty darn scratchy to me!

With that silly mask... I will have to leave you.  We are going to breakfast with some of our friends and it's time to get moving!  Have a super-duper day!!!
If you haven't yet - GO VOTE!!!!    Then... let's all PRAY our country recovers!
Catch you tomorrow chickies...

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