Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Thursday!!
Would you believe my hubby has our Christmas cards all ready to mail?  I'm so thankful that he loves to do them... or they would not get sent!!!  Isn't that terrible...?  That's just one thing that is a Christmas tradition that I hate to do.  I have no idea why either!!  (thanks honey)
Jack sent me a link to a video on uTube this morning.  Well... it was something else...I'm telling you.  It was Gene Simmons (from KISS) honoring our troops!  I do believe it's several years old and has been viewed by over 5 million it could be you've seen it already.  If so... watch it again - you won't be sorry!    Here is the link.... it's on uTube everywhere...  Gene Simmons Military Tribute
Silly me... crying while watching the video!!  You'll see!!!
Today begins my sew-a-thon!!  Yes... I'm heading to Cinnamon's and sewing my brains out for the entire weekend!  Yippee!!  I'll take pictures and post for you when I return on Monday to blogging (no blog tomorrow gals...)
Here's a sweet little picture that will make you happy girls!  Sorry... I just couldn't resist!  There are some things that just need to be posted...and this is one of those things!  I don't remember cowboys looking like this when I was a kid and watched the westerns on TV.. .do you?  I, personally, think it's time to bring back the cowboy shows!  COWBOY UP!!
I've recently discovered that I must be attracted to quilts with appliqued borders.  Every time I see one... I'm instantly drawn to it....!  Look at this gorgeous one... I simply adore the colors!
(sorry for the blurry photo)

Then...this one caught my eye also!  It's border is HUGE and gorgeous.  I think I will be designing one with an applique border.  I'm going to use WOOL!  I especially like the center medallion with this sweet red balances it nicely...don't you think?  Of course... anything will look wonderful posing with these super Yelloware Bowls!  YUMMY!!! 

I love the see such adorable decorations, yummy food... and this little fellow! stinkin' cute is he?  I'd love to have him hanging on my Christmas Tree... or better yet...tied up with a bow on a gift!!  I wish I knew who designed him... I'd love to get some of their stitchery to do.

Then I wanted to share this clever idea too... they have taken two pipe cleaners (red and white), twisted them together and then shaped their letter...with an addition of some greenery.  Isn't it pretty? 

This was another sweet way to adorn your table napkins!  Two candy canes with some berries and greenery...tied with raffia around the napkin!  How simple and sweet!  Isn't it amazing what people design?  LOVE IT!!

I think this is the the best!  Do any of you know what that thing is hanging on the door knob?  Have you guessed yet?  Well... it's a horse's bit... from their halter...the piece that goes in their mouth.  Then the reins are attached to each of the rings... by pulling on one side or the other directs the horse how to turn! 
Would you ever have thought making it into a Christmas decoration???  The bell hanging in the middle of the bottom ring is just about perfect!  See... that goes to show us... don't throw anything away..... it may be a treasure to someone else!

 Here's our cutie for the day....!!!  This dog is laid out on his tummy...enjoying a little literature for the day!  Ha.. love the name of the book!  Don't you?

That's all I have for the day....
time to get these old bones moving for the day!
Have a super weekend of sewing or shopping... see you on Monday!

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