Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Morning!!!
What a great... lazy... day yesterday was!  We ate leftovers.... I got to sew... watch a few movies... fun and relaxing!
Today... it's back to the grind.... (if you want to call retirement...the "grind")  HA!!
This coming weekend I will be attending the "Holly Jolly" sewing retreat at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  This is the second year for this retreat...last year was so much FUN!!  We get to work on fun projects (or our own) have a cookie exchange, ornament exchange...they feed us... we play silly games... we get to make a fun "make-it-take-it" and we get to wear our Christmas "jammies" (of which I do not have  yet)!!!  One evening after dinner we get into our jammies and sew until midnight! 
Now...you are on your own driving home!  Ha!  Can you see explaining to the police officer (if you should happen to get pulled over)... well you see officer, I was at a quilting party and we all got to sew in our PJ's and I was on my way home..... I can just see the blank stare on his face... "are you kidding me?  This is the best excuse I've ever heard".... I'm glad I only live about 5 minutes away from the shop!!!
I found some funny, funny pictures for you today...something lite and happy!!
Look at the top of the picture... I believe his "mommy" is up there and he's trying to decide "can I do it?"  Sweet little things... don't you just love their little tails?

This is a cigar box that has been "jacked-up" to be an awesome sewing box.  We are doing this in our "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club" at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  Yes... it's a challenge I've given the group (if they want to participate) to make a cigar box into an awesome sewing box... they can do whatever they choose!
I especially think this one is so darn clever.... !  She's taken a wooden yardstick and cut pieces to make divisions in her box.  It's simply the BOMB!!

Now...seeing this cat reminds me of a story.  When we lived in Middleburg we had a cat - Peeper!  We all loved this cat to death but he had a terrible habit when he wanted in the house.  He would jump on the window screen on the front porch - the window to the dining room.  He looked like "road kill" !   Now I'm here to tell you... he could hang there forever, and ever, and ever.  I tried everything to break him of this "screen-ripping habit".  I spanked him... I would open the glass part of the window and throw water on him.... NOTHING stopped him... until I got smart and simply removed the screen from the window.  You should have heard the large "whallop" noise as he hit the window...not realizing the screen was gone.
Well.. he was a VERY SMART CAT... so... he reverted to this technique as shown below!!!... Yes my friends...he would hang on the window and do a pull-up so he could peek through the window and then "meow" his head off until we let him in.  My front door was permanently scarred for life.  It looked as though a wild creature tried to claw their way into the house.  I NEVER broke him of this... I finally and simply JUST GAVE UP!  Isn't it so sad when a CAT WINS?????

When I saw this sweet picture it reminded me of all the stories I hear the girls tell about their kitties and full grown cats that have to lay right in the middle of their sewing.  Gosh... I sure miss not having a kitty around the house.  My hubby says... NO more pets!  It's just too heart-breaking when they die or we have to put them to sleep... he just can't handle that any longer.

Ha...isn't this a Hoot?!!!!!!!!!!!  At first glance I thought it was two REAL doggies.  He has a sweet friend that he cuddles with.  This picture is worth a million bucks!

Now... I must admit... I've never seen a cat do this before!!!  I can just imagine what is below him... like... maybe a feisty dog that scared the crap out of him?  Poor kitty!

Now...this is the funniest "dog in the wind" picture I think I've ever seen!  Don't you love the teeth clamped together?  Ha... at first glance.... I thought it was a CAMEL!!!  tee hee.... He's so happy!  I wonder why dogs love to do this so much?  Don't you wish they would tell us?  Say... "cheese" !

And last.... the photo of a VERY HUNGRY CAT!  I'm not sure why these fish are hanging on a line... but this cat is OH - SO - HAPPY they are!  He's having himself a nice little snack!  Now that's what I call really working hard for a meal!

Have a super day... get lots done... and we'll chat tomorrow !!!!


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