Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Morning!

I forgot to share with you yesterday another "trend" in quilting .....  are you ready for this? 

The Octagon!!!  Yes ma'am... they were all over the market!  English Paper Piecing was HOT - even Kaffe Fassett had it in his booth!  Can you imagine?  Well.... I must tell you... I felt right at home since I've been working on this!!!

These are some of my Grandmother's Flower Garden pieces..... LOTS OF THEM!  (1")

And.... here we have them being pieced together!  I pondered and pondered over how to set them in my quilt... should I have neutral octagons surrounding each flower?  Should I piece "kites" or "diamond" around them?  Then I simply laid them all together and I loved it this way! 
I'm still stitching... but it is so much fun!! 

Then I saw this gorgeous heart!!!  It's using the Dresden fan....
 I must admit...I've never seen one shaped as a heart before!  I truly think it's VERY attractive!

Another one of my favorite quilts is the Snail's Trail!  I think it's so fascinating how you can simply place the correct color in the block and end up with this style!  I have one that my friend Lisa C. made for me one year in our quilt exchange - oh how I ADORE IT! 

The rest of my postings are of cool things.... take a peak at this yummy looking wreath!  It's pigs in a blanket...shaped in the circle with a bow added!  Isn't it adorable?  I LOVE pigs in a blanket...with the crescent rolls...yuuuummmmmyyyy!!!

I just wanted you to see this cool wine cabinet... under the stairs.  Pretty awesome don't you think?  You could even control the temperature in there!  Pretty darn clever I would say... and gorgeous to look at.

Now..this is smart.  This chick used the top of a tube sock that she cut off to hold her iPod! can help soak up the sweat!
(I hate to sweat....don't you?)

I thought of my little Eden and Lexie when I saw this.  How smart!  Instead of a stool... make a pull out drawer for them.... especially easy when you have the raised sinks in your bathroom!
I've never seen anything like this and it's very, very sweet.  Marriage photo and then individual clocks set on the time each of their children were born.  So wonderful!

And...last but not least...this hysterical photo.
I love the punch line at the bottom!

Last night was the Early Preview Night at the International Quilt Festival in Houston...!  Oh how I remember those nights.  You would have just finished setting up your booth... all hot and sweaty and sticky...then we would have to hurry back to the hotel for everyone to shower and get all pretty...then back to the convention center for preview night... until 10:00 pm.  We would all be so tired...then the crowd would enter!  Wow...did that ever perk us up!  Thousands and thousands of quilters in the packed they couldn't even move!  Shopping their brains off!!  Then...home again to bed...up again early and back to the convention center for 4 more days!  It was such HARD work and such GREAT fun at the same time.  I sure miss it... miss being with the girls...miss all the happy faces... such wonderful memories I will have forever!
Take care everyone... I'm sewing with my buddies today!
p.s.  I gave my presentation at Quilt Market Schoolhouse on "Retreats That Repeat" !!  I was so nervous (I'm not sure why....?)  I had attendees see me throughout the rest of the market and told me how much fun they had - laughed a lot... and thanks for the great ideas!  Hey... and guess what else?  I've been invited to Hawaii to help with a retreat house!!!  I thought she was teasing.... she was NOT!  I'll fill you in as I hear more information... OMG!!!

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