Monday, November 19, 2012

And...another Monday rolls around!!!
Wow...what a super weekend I had!  My two sweet granddaughters were here for the weekend...and even though I didn't get to spend much time with's so wonderful to hug and kiss them when you get home or first thing in the morning when they roll out of bed.
I was at my Holly Jolly Quilting Retreat this weekend.  I came home Friday night to find both of them in bed sound asleep with Grandpa!!  He told me they would sneak into the room and sweetly say.... Grandpa...we're scared...can we sleep with you?  He was to sleepy and worn out to argue with in the bed they went.  I, however, slept in the guest bedroom!!  Ha!!  (I did get a great nights sleep though....)

Our retreat was so much fun....! What a wonderful group of gals AND Bruce!!! I sat with my Tallahassee buddies... Brittany, Julie, and Edie (the Love girls...that's their last names..) What a hoot!!
Here we all are....sewing and sewing...and sewing...

Faye... she was our Santa!!!  This adorable hat she is wearing... wellll.... it sings to us!  When it sings... it's time for us to pay attention...we could win a door prize!

Faye is always making us wonderful things (and her hubby, Al... helps too!)
We came back in the first morning and we had a cute reindeer holding a candy cane at our sewing station... then she made us these adorable snowmen!
They are done on her embroidery machine... then you slip a battery operated tea light on the bottom!  When you turn it on it glows in the dark.  She made us turn off our Ott lites, sewing machine lights...then she turned off the ceiling lights and we all got to turn them on at the same time.  It was so adorable!

Then we could make a Christmas Quilt if we wanted too... along with all of us learning how to make fabric snowflake ornaments for our Christmas Tree! 
Food.... oh yes.... we were all to bring in a dozen cookies (for a cookie swap).  Well... we don't really swap...we put them out in the kitchen and snack on them all weekend.  Such a joy to eat other yummy cookies that I didn't have to make.  Brittany's... yours were the bomb!!!
Then we had "dump soup" for dinner... that's where everyone brings one can of soup...their choice.  Then you dump them all in one HUGE pot and heat them up.  It is so darn wonderful!!!
Then for lunch the next day they made us homemade beef barbecue sandwiches, potato chips... they were SO DARN GOOD!!!!!  Then on Sunday we had a brunch...with a yummy breakfast casserole and croissants!  PLUS... all of the other snacks everyone brought to munch on.  It was NOT a good weekend for me on the carbs and sugar!!!  Oh No... I think I was in a contest to see how much of them I COULD EAT!  ohhh... I was sooooo bad!
Here are my projects I worked on.
My ... THIRD .... try at paper piecing!!!  This time I got it figured out.  I don't know what was wrong with me in my earlier attempts... but it just didn't sink in.  So I decided to try my hand one more time.  My girlfriend, Lynn, was making these at Camp Blanding and I just fell in love with them. (Courthouse Steps). 
Wow...these take a long time to make (at least for me....).  I sewed from Friday - 3:00 to 10:00 pm then all day Saturday on them and only made 9 stinkin' blocks.  Each of those strips finish at 1/4" wide.  After I make 31 of these little fellas... I have small star blocks to make also.  This entire quilt finishes at 21" x 27" (yes.... just call me crazy!)  I adore it... and I already know right where I'm going to put it!  I want it on my end table with a lamp on it.... won't that be so cute! 

On Sunday I decided to take a break from the teeny - tiny pieces and finished putting my 24 blocks together!  Yippee.... they are now all pieced and I'm moving on to the alternate blocks.  They will go quickly (snowball blocks)... then it can all go together.   This block has 100 pieces in it!!!

Here is a funny for you!!!  Ha.... isn't this a hoot?!!

Then.... look at these sweet little ones.... Don't they look like they are best pals.  That doggie looks pretty old doesn't he?  So sweet!!!

Then... how could anyone resist this sweet look?  I saw a saying the other day.... it was... "If I had a dollar every time my dog made me smile.... I would be a millionaire!"
How so true is that? 
Doesn't this fellow look like... "c'mon...please... you promised you would give me a ride!"

Well... I'm off to get around... it's time to make out my list for the grocery store!  I must get my turkey today!!!  What was I thinkin' waiting so late?  Geeeze Louise....!
Have a super Monday!!!

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