Friday, November 2, 2012

And....another week slips by....
Guess what?  It's only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving!!!  Hmmm.... I wonder who's house we'll have Thanksgiving at this year?  Mine?  I guess we'd better get a decision made on's about time to buy the turkey!  I love, love, love Thanksgiving... the cooking part...the smell of food in the house....everyone getting together. It's the best time for family!  Don't you think?
I found some more wonderful quilts to share with you.... tell me what you think about these!
This is what you would call a Modern Quilt... however, I think it's simply adorable for in a little girl's room.  It made me smile when I saw it and that's a GOOD THING (as Martha would say).

Remember how I talked about the English Paper Piecing being "hot" at quilt market... well, you can tell - it's all over Pinterest today!  These are "kite" shapes with the "hexagons" on top!  How lovely!
And... then.. you can use the diamond shape to insert around the kite edges... it's just endless!

Now... this is from Australia - it's called Pies and Charts (I think?).  I happen to own ALL OF THE PAPER PIECES for this awesome quilt.  I remember finding it at market... Carolyn, Lisa and I.  We each bought the entire kit (minus the fabric).  Lisa was going to do hers in Kaffe Fassett fabric, I was using Blackbird Designs fabric and I think Carolyn's was either traditional or reproduction fabric.. (can't remember for sure).  I have started mine...however, it has a LONG WAY TO GO before anything can be put together.  The quilt is stunning in person!

This is a block I adore.... and have always wanted to make one from Aunt Gracie fabrics.  I love the crisp, clean, cool feeling of these colors.  Then would be awesome out of reproduction fabric also.  Hmmm... such decisions to make!  This project is on the back to get others finished first!

Moving on to a couple of Christmas things..... This is so wonderful... they have taken old photographs of their family and glued them to a firmer paper (card stock) then punched a hole in the top - added ribbon and you have a super addition to your tree.  One lady said she does this with all of her siblings even though they are far apart in miles - they are together in the Christmas Spirit.  Every few years they all exchange family pictures and add the new ones to the tree also.  Isn't this a sweet idea?  I loved it...even brought a tear to my eye.  I remember being apart from my sisters at was not fun!

Then... I couldn't resist this adorable snowman.  I swear he looks like he wants to come home with me!  Don't you think so?  I sure would love to have him!!!

Hey...look at me...
I'm helping to decorate the tree!!!
ooopppsss... a little tangled...sorry!

Hey...Barney...did you see that bird out there?  WAKE UP!!! (Isn't this a hoot?)
Today... I'm sewing and running a few errands.
I'm lovin' this cool weather!  Bring out the sweatshirts!!!  YIPPEE!!!
I'm wondering what yummy thing I could fix for dinner?  hhhmmm.... don't you get tired of thinking of new meals?  I sure do!  PINTEREST HERE I COME!!  I must have a 1,000 recipes on my food boards!  Now it's deciding which one to make.  I think it feels like a crock pot day!
Have a super weekend!  Remember to tell your kids how much you love them!
See you on Monday!
p.s.  I sure wish I was a the Quilt Festival in Houston!! (sniffle)

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