Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AAAahhhhh.... the day before Thanksgiving... when everyone is rushing and scurrying everywhere to make sure they have all they need for the holiday dinner!!!  (this includes me)
Break out the vacuum, dust cloth, Windex and all those other lovely cleaning supplies!  It's time to make the house look pretty for everyone (not that it isn't already) and then get to some pre-work cooking!  Heck...I'm tired already and I haven't done a thing except get my coffee!  HA!!
I got my hair cut and colored (good bye grey roots) yesterday and feel like a new woman!  Love a new hair cut!!
So... Tell me what you think about yo-yo quilts.  Do you like them?  Love them?  Loathe them?  I've seen some pretty UGLY ones... and then I've seen some that are absolutely lovely.  I think it all depends on the size of the yo-yo and your fabric color collection.  This is one thing I've always wanted to make also.  They are only good for decoration...they certainly don't keep you warm.  I think that will be added to my bucket list!  How about making one out of an entire line of reproduction fabric...where all the colors "love each other".  Or.... what about a sweet pastel one...maybe from Moda's Three Sisters fabric collections. (we love you girls!)  Tell me what you think!!

See this sweet little purse?  Well... I've made one!  Mine did not look like this one...but it's actually to hold your thimble.  If you love these and want to make one... go to Country Stitches web is the link!   Country Stitches Online Web Site
However, I will warn you... if you begin to look through all of her wonderful patterns... you will be on the web site for quit some time!  She is one of my FAVORITE DESIGNERS !!!  (love you Brenda)

I thought this was so interesting and I will be doing some investigation on it!!!  It's an artist that takes beautiful print and then does magic by stitching colored threads into different sections of the print....  Just a small amount.  It's kind of like how you see a black and white photo and the photographer adds just a tint of color to cheeks or hair... so pretty!  I'll give you more detail on this project when I find it.

I remember loving snow globes when I was little.  I could never figure out how they made them happen.  I would shake my globe and watch the whirlwind of snow for the longest time.  It was something peaceful to me.  Isn't this snowman adorable?  Nice and simple in a mason jar!  So darn cute.

I saw this picture and thought how lovely it would be to share with all of you...especially with those of you that have never been to sunny Florida.  This is the LONG bridge that goes from South Florida to the Keys!  I think it's 7 miles long.  Don't you love the water?  It's so pretty...and a great drive!

Help... I've fallen and I can't get up!  hahahahahahaha!  Isn't this silly?  They actually made this fellow to look like he had fallen in the snow.  I love the mouth!!!!  HELP!!!!  Can't you just hear him shouting?????

and... Your last photo... "Free Kisses" given to you with lots of love!  Sweet Puppy!

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving....!  This time of the year is especially wonderful for me... for you know... it doesn't matter how rough times are, how challenging our lives have been over the past year.... we ALL have something to give thanks for! 
I thank you for being with me throughout this entire year of blogging.  You've made my mornings especially meaningful and fun!  However.... don't forget....

Ha... just kidding!!!
Hugs to all.. Eat lots and don't forget to tell your family members how much you love them!

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