Monday, October 22, 2012

The start of a new week!!  Yippee!!!
Okay... only today, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I'm on the plane to Houston!!  (Can you tell I'm excited?????) 
I can't wait to see the new patterns, color trends, etc.  It's such a spirit pick-er-upper... know what I mean?  It gets my creative juices flowing EVEN MORE than they do here at home!! 
My friends, Julie, Brittany, and Edie have their first two new patterns for sale!  LOOK!!!

Spoolie Bird is simply adorable.  The pattern comes with 2 different options... the sweet pastel as you see on the pattern cover... or the darker tones that are in the fabrics of Kansas Troubles Quilters.  Plus they have 2 separate options for the borders.  I looked at the pattern this weekend!  It is beautiful, very well written and has super graphics.
Dog Days... is an adorable quilt for a wee one...!!!  They can even name the doggies (in the house) after their own! 
 Very... VERY cute!!!

They are going to Houston Quilt Market for the first time... WOW!  Are they ever excited!!!  It is mind boggling the first time you attend.  I remember when we took our friend Lynn the first time... It was so cute...we were standing on the second floor looking down on the market floor where everyone was setting up.  Lynn said she was so excited her knee caps were shaking!!!  Isn't that adorable?  I will NEVER FORGET that!!!  (Love you Lynn!!)
Look at this adorable mum field.  Don't you just love these faces on the pots???  Too cute!
I bought some miniature Indian Corn and a few gourds yesterday...they are so wonderful.  I'm going to make a fall display for the dining room table... with my big wonderful clay pottery turkey.

I adore this idea... it's magnetic covers for your vents!!  When you want to shut off a room we normally just close the vents.  But air/heat still escapes... not with this cover!!   I love the fact that it's magnetic... you can use them on the ceiling vents also.

I thought this sign was pretty clever!!!  Although I don't know how effective it would be to wee ones that can't read.  Hopefully their parents would see the sign.  PLUS...there is a chance of getting your front door egged or your front yard tee-pee-d!  I think simply shutting off the outdoor light would be better (and safer)...

Now this is wonderful... !   Do you keep bags that stores give you...but then you realize their name and/or logo is on the front?  Here is a way to re-purpose them.  Simply get some of your own wrapping paper or... pick out a pretty print of scrap booking paper.  Use glue or double-sided tape and cover the print portion of the bag.  Add a little bundle of greenery and you are good to go!  Fill it with your sweet gift and add some red or gold colored tissue and your gift is super!  LOVE THIS IDEA!!

Well... I am now signing off... I have to go over my notes for my 30 minute presentation at market!  Very nervous... speaking in front of crowds does not worry me... but I want to be sure I tell them as much as I can in 30 minutes.... that's a lot of talking ... VERY FAST!!!  eeeeekkkkk!!!!
Here's a couple of sweet pictures to start your day!
There is nothing sweeter than a beagle puppy!!!  Look at that sweet face!

and then.... Momma loves her new baby!!  It's time for her bath!!

Remember... tell your children how much you love them... they NEED to hear it...doesn't matter how old they are!!! 

Let's chat tomorrow!


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