Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Man oh Man!!!  Did I ever sleep late today....aaaahhh felt so good!  I just love it when I wake up and realize I don't really have to rush out of bed for any appointments, etc... then roll over and fall back to sleep.  That's the best sleep of the night isn't it...those 30 minutes before you finally wake up for the day!
I had fun looking at new things this morning.... I'll tell you what...there are some strange things out there...like this for instance!  I know this looks like a dead armadillo...it actually is... with it's little tongue hanging out...laying on the tire!  However.... it's not actually real!!!
It's a stinkin' CAKE!!!  Now you tell me... would you want to eat any of this cake? 
NO... NOT ME!!  BARF!!! 

Then... I saw this Halloween decoration and I thought it was pretty darn clever.  They make fake witches legs and attached them to the underside of umbrellas!!  Isn't that cute?  Ha... it sure made me laugh! 

Then... to match... I found this...it's showing you how to make witches shoes our of an older pair of pumps you have in your closet.  They painted them once the taping was finished.  I thought this was pretty darn clever too!

That reminds me of a costume I made for myself - when I worked at Barnett Bank - North Jax Office.  Our entire group LOVED to dress up for the holiday.  People would bring their children in to see us and get candy.  I was the green monster from the lagoon!  OMG was it ever fun.  I had long red curly hair... I dyed it green and teased it to stick out (I swear it stuck out 2 feet) all the way around my head.  Wore a dark green military jump suit of Jacks - put snakes and spiders in my hair... face paint - so ugly... green and black.. on my face AND hands.  Fake teeth... then I took a pair of his old black Navy boots and he attached wood to the bottom of them and painted it black.  I had to walk stiff just to pick up the heavy shoes.  Then I had torn cheese cloth and vines hanging all over me.  I'm telling you... I was ONE UGLY MONSTER!!
When I got to work... they didn't even know who I was!!!  The girls in the drive-in would keep calling me out to them so the little kids could see me through the drive-in window... They would SCREAM and have the most horrified looks on their faces... then I would wave to them real cute and they would calm down.
The shoes were killers...I had on two pair of Jack's socks...by the end of the day I had worn holes through them and blisters on my feet!!!  What fun memories of working with all those great people!
Hey... look at this fun thing to do for witches brooms - that are edible!!!

Yummy.... pretzel rods stuck in the bottom of Reese Cups!!! 
 I'll eat a couple of those brooms please!!!

I love this idea... they are making the Welcome sign from light colored pumpkins.  I saw they are out in the church lots now... I think I'm going to have to get some of the little ones.  They are just too darn cute NOT to have in the house during the fall!
I found this wonderful sweater!!!  It just screams FALL!!!  I'd like to be wearing this while out in the crisp weather at a fall festival.... or at a HUGE flea market where I was finding tons of treasures!! 
Wah!!!   I wish we had colder, crisper weather here.  One of my friends said they heard we were going to have a VERY COLD winter here in Jacksonville!  Have you heard that?
I can just see my electric bill.... when I HAVE to turn the heat on... the electricity bill is higher than when we have the air conditioning on.  Haven't figured that one out yet! 
Ok... I'm out of here... I need to get some laundry done, a little house work... then back to my sewing!
Hugs to all!! 

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