Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Wednesday!!!
Today I'm going antiquing with my sister and our friend Denise!!  Yippee!!!  I love to visit all the small shops around town.  Sometimes you find some really awesome things.  Denise lost her husband 1 year ago tomorrow and she needs to be busy and around those that love her.  Prayers to the entire family. 
Then....I'll head back home and work on my Grandmother's Garden.  I must get it to the point where I can add the 1/2 octagon shapes around the outer edge.  I simply can't wait to see what it looks like!  I do think I need to order more of those little fellows...hhhmmm... I wonder if it will work just to cut one of my octagons in half?  I'll have to check that out!  Save a little money!
I found some wonderful and silly things for you today!
Look at this beautiful needle's sterling silver !  Don't you just love it?  My friend Jan would love this.... heck so would I!!!  I've never seen one like this...that's for sure!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE basket quilts.  Well.... let me tell you...this is the queen of them...wouldn't you say? OMG!!!   I was going to count the number of baskets...then I thought... NO... STOP... it doesn't matter... I CANNOT MAKE THIS!  I don't know what's gotten into me lately... but it seems the smaller and more pieces in a quilt is all that I'm attracted to... and it MUST END!!!  There are too many things I want to make to have them all be this teeny tiny!

I'm a lover of metal-galvanized-zinc stuff!  (I know...a little weird...)  Well - this fellow sure did catch my eye.  It's a Bellsnickle sitting in this wonderful hanging container with greenery and it appears to be cinnamon sticks.  Now... to make it even more perfect would be if this little fellow was RED.  I'm in love with him!!! (don't tell Jack...)

Here is a portion of the center block of my Mrs. Billings Coverlet.  This little puppy is all English paper pieced and then hand pieced together.  It's not a very good picture... it's laying on the arm of my chair... It sure is fun to do... I adore it!  More will be finished on it today (hopefully)

I love this idea.  This Christmas.... host a party for 5 - 7 of your girlfriends.  Each person is to buy 5 - 7 of your FAVORITE things... it can be anything...from your favorite candy - to nail polish - to body cream - to quilting notion... doesn't matter.  Then you all exchange your "favorite" gifts!  Isn't that a clever idea?  I just thought of another fun idea... everyone make something that you LOVE - pin cushion, pin, table runner...whatever... and then give those away.  Isn't that cool?
hmmmmmm... I'm thinking this is a great idea!!!!!!  (the wheels are turning...)

Here's your sweet picture for the day... I simply love black and white kitties.  I've never had one but I just think they are so adorable... doesn't he look toooooo sweet? 
 He's thinking - "Whatcha doin?"

And this is the "funny" of the day... just what every bathroom needs!  Isn't this hysterical?  How in the heck did anyone think of this?  Make sure you get one for your bathroom SOON!!!  (not!)

Have a happy Wednesday!  Hug your friends today and tell them how much you love them!
(p.s.  Here's my HUG for ALL OF YOU!  Thank you for all the sweet words you give me on my blog... and for being my friend!)

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