Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Thursday morning (already) and I'm up to my knees in things to "put away" in the sewing studio! 
Don't you just wish things would magically go back to their original place once you have finished using it?  aaaahhhh... how nice that would be!  Especially because I would remember where everything is! 
I saw on Lisa Bongean's Blog (Primitive Gatherings) where she is working on new designs for market.  This is always a rough, rough time for designers that also have a new fabric line coming out.  If it is to show at market (to the shop owners) they would have already gotten a few yards mailed to them.  From these few yards they have to make up their NEW designs so they can show everyone - it surely makes the shops order more freely.  The time frame is short...sometimes only weeks to get your pattern written, sample made, quilted, bound, photographs taken and then finish up the pattern.  Whew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it! 
That's what is so exciting every market... to see what all of the designers have come up with.  I used to hear shop owners say to me, "I didn't really see anything NEW this market".... WHAT?  ARE YOU BLIND????  Everything showing at market is NEW!!  New fabric, patterns, notions.... hhhmmm... maybe they were not looking where I was..... (shoulder shrug!)  Anyway... we have a blast looking for new designers and new stuff.  It makes my heart beat very fast...full of excitement!
Hopefully I will have a booth NEXT fall with new patterns... and maybe some new fabric...hhhmm....  we'll see!!
Remember how I told you things painted in RED always sold well?  Take a look at this TV cabinet!!
OMG... it could live in my house anytime it wanted to.  I love the extra storage in the cabinet and drawers on the bottom half.  SOOOOOOO  pretty!!

This is a cute German Christmas tradition... they fill their shoes with gifts prior to Christmas morning.  Wouldn't that be fun to see?   Gosh... I wonder what's in those adorable little boxes?
Look at the little squares in this quilt... they look like 1/2" to me.  I love how they alternated the colors to come up with this very interesting design.  I would have to graph paper this one many little blocks...whew! 

Now.... I can tell you I adore the idea of having a quilted chair in my sewing studio...these are not exactly the colors I would pick out... but isn't the idea adorable?  Jack's mom was so good at recovering furniture...she would take the old cover off piece by piece...cut new ones and sew it together.  You couldn't even tell ... it looked like a professional did this. 
I have a friend that owns a reupholster shop... I think I'll have her make me one of these.  Just need to find an old chair and she can use some of my cutter quilts that I have.  So darn cute.  Can't you just see yourself sitting here... doing handwork... watching a great tv show... or movie.... YES!!

You have to love scrappy.... do you?  Man.. I sure do!  Look at this adorable scrappy bears paw.  So sweet and perfect for a doll quilt or for your end table with a small lamp in the middle.  I especially love the wooden carrier in the picture!!

Paper whites... they are my favorite... and I have no clue why.  Maybe because they are sweet, simple, crisp looking... and go with everything.  Look how sweet they are in this Christmas display... silver bowl with silver, white and green ornaments tucked into the plant.  YUM!!

I am a lover of BIG kitchens and awesome center islands!  PLUS this one has a wicked set of rooster and hen on the top!  PLUS IT'S GREEN... how can it get any better.  Man.. I sure would pay to own this thing... or have a kitchen big enough to hold it!

This is so simple and so sweet.  It's amazing what they do with canning jars.  Simple flowers, checkered ribbon and our flag.  I know it's not July 4 - Independence day...but I thought this was so sweet... they have it tied to the porch railing... !!

Have a super day.... get a bunch of things accomplished!!! 
Ha!  Isn't this adorable?

Chat tomorrow...!!


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