Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi Everyone!
I'm Baaaaaaaccckkkkkk!!  All I have to say is WOW!!!  Did I ever have a wonderful time at our retreat!  It was so much fun.... where - oh - where can you find that many women (and 1 man - our Michael!) having a blast(176 of us)! 
Look at everyone!

Now this is a room full of dedicated quilters!  I've never seen so many projects going on in my life!  It's such great fun to walk around and see everyone working on something new and exciting.  Here are two of the gals from Camp Blanding!  Donna (on left) and Barbara (on right).... they are relatively new to quilting and they were going to town!!!  Great job gals!
Our next retreat is in January 2013 and we are almost FULL already!  I can't's so sad when it's over.
Take a look at these quilts..... Three of the most wonderful gals in the world, Julie, Brittany, and Edie are starting a new pattern company "Stitches of Love"... Right now you can find them on Facebook.
They are designing quilts that will work great for those that are "beginners".....

Those that LOVE applique!!!

And those that love working with wool!!! Spoolie Bird is done in both fabric and wool.  This is NOT the best picture - However, it is adorable!! 

As soon as their patterns are ready... I'll let you know where you can look at all of them in more detail and order them.
Now... Not all of us quilted consistently....there are times when we have to act a little goofy!

These gals are from St. Marys, Georgia and they were getting pretty slap happy with these large straws!!!  They do this to each other all the time... find silly things to tease each other with.  It's quite attractive don't you think? 

This is just a mere speck of the doggie hair, fabric, and thread that we dug out of Maryellen's chair.  It had wheels on it... however it didn't roll - you had to shove it to make it move. friends is why!!  The casters were packed.  We finally gave up and took her to buy a NEW chair! 

I love to watch how everyone sews!  It's so funny.... barefoot, socks, slippers.... you name it.  This is my friend Shirley.... off go the sandals - on go the socks and she's ready to go!  I'm with her... I CANNOT sew with my shoe on... it just doesn't feel right!  I have to feel the POWER of the foot pedal under my foot!  HA!!!

Look at this stack!!!  We collected 26 gorgeous quilts for our soldiers!!!  We leave the quilts on this base and the General takes care of giving them to our heroes and their families! 
Thanks to everyone that donated!  You are heroes too!  Thanks to the Gainesville - Tree City Quilt Guild !!  They had 26 members attend the retreat and brought 11 quilts with them!  Thanks to Barbara Enos !!  She is continually making quilts for our heroes and brought either 10 or 11 of her own!!!  Thanks to all of you that donate to quilt them for free.....  We pray they give comfort to those recipients!  Blessing to everyone!

Ok... I know this is a tough picture to see... but this is Wynette (my friend from Camp Blanding) and Paula Barnes (Red Crinoline Quilts) going for a spin on Wynette's jet ski!!  I stayed until Friday and we all sewed on some of their new patterns (available at quilt market this month) for quilt market!  Paula and Maryellen (she was very brave) went for a fun day on the water.
Paula even tried water skiing - but she couldn't get up...she hasn't skied since college!!  Then she slipped and fell on the mossy area around the pier and hurt her leg... needless to say...she was moaning and moving pretty slow (sitting on a heating pad) while we were sewing.  She finally realized she's not a spring chicken like she was in college.  Paula... how are you feeling?

You must go to this blog!!!   Rachel's Farmhouse

The Shop is located at 238 E Macclenny Ave, Macclenny FL 32063. They make primitive reproduction furniture and handmade goods.

I've known Ruth (owner) for years!!  She was one of my first customers when we opened at our first location!  She and her mom would come in and shop with us every week.  She and her brother have their shop in MacClenny!  I visited it for the first time while at the retreat.  Can I just say OH MY GOSH I WAS IN LOVE!!    They are only open on Saturday and Sundays!!  You might want to call before you drive all the way there.... antiques, hand stitched items (by Ruth), antique quilts, wonderful primitive hand made furniture, yummy candles, fabric, WOOL... it's simply amazing!  I honestly can say... I could have bought EVERYTHING in the store!

I found a wonderful rug, goose, and handmade cloth strawberries Ruth made.  I can't wait for my next trip!!!  Great Job Ruth!!!  I LOVE YOUR STORE!!'s time to get busy... I still have to unpack all of my retreat stuff, ship out some orders, and get busy on paperwork.
The fun is over and it's time to work!!!
Hugs to all of you!  Let's chat tomorrow!

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