Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Have you ever had days when you simply want to throw your computer out the window?  Yes?  You're nodding your head?  Well, this morning was my day!  I absolutely have NO PATIENCE for pokey... slow computers!  Especially when I pay for a service to keep them happy and fast!  ARG!!
Okay... I'm much better now that I've gotten that off my chest!
Well.... I'm so excited to tell you that I have all of my English Paper Piecing blocks for Grandmother's Flower Garden all finished.  Now... I simply will sew them together to make my quilt.  Then... I get to remove all of my paper templates.  Have you ever done English Paper Piecing?  I adore it!  Of course... I love hand work so I'm sure that is why!  198 flowers!  With 7 pieces in each flower.... oh my... 1386 pieces!  Plus I have 1/2 square octagons to sew down the sides!! 

Then my next "hand project" will be Mrs. Billings' Coverlet!  Have you seen pictures?  It comes from a designer in Australia and she is so sweet... here's what it looks like in reproduction fabrics....

The little Hexagons... they are all English Paper Piecing... that's what I'm going to begin with... getting a bunch of them made.  Then you assembly it from the middle and work your way out!
Pretty Crazy huh?  It's so much more beautiful in person.  I can't decide what colors to use.  I have my background... it's a muslin color... I thought about blues... but I'm not sure... I love blue and brown together...that could be an option... decisions, decisions....
Then... I'm moving on to two other things that are on my "Bucket List"!!  Paper Piecing and counted cross-stitch!!!  This is not the best picture but I saw my friend Lynn making it at Camp Blanding and I just have to have it!!!  It only measures 21" x 27" !!!  3" blocks!!! 

This is the BIG SISTER to this tiny one!  It measures 69" x 87" !!!  Don't you just love it?!!  I have to become an expert on this... Faye has picked out our next "Collaborative Quilt" to enter in Quiltfest next year... and it's foundation pieced!  eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!

Take a peak at these yummy apples!  Don't you just love caramel apples at Halloween?  I'm not a fan of the candy apples (the red dipped ones) but I love caramel.  I remember as a kid (living on the farm) we used to go trick or treating with the neighbors.  Not to many kids down our 5 mile they really went all out for us.  We'd get caramel apples, REAL fudge, Rice Krispie treats...this is back when everyone actually MADE things for Halloween treats... but the one house... Trowbridges...they were our favorite ... they would give us GIANT Snicker candy bars... YUM YUM!!

Now this little fellow could sure live at my house.  So darn wonderful.  It's made as a pin cushion and is sitting in a jar lid!  I want ONE!!!

Wow...this is a truly decorated store for the holidays.  This is in New York - Cartier Store!  I've been to New York City but is was an overnight trip before we left on a cruise.  I would love to be there at the parade... see the decorated stores... go to the garment district... go to tons of Broadway shows... aaahhh.... that is on my Bucket List too!!

I saw this little idea and I thought it was so cute to pass on.  This is the back of a baby's high chair.  They've put a sticky hook on the back and this is where they store the bibs!  They are always handy when getting the baby ready for a meal!  Clever!!!

What a hoot!!!  This little  baby costume is to adorable!!!  Perfect little ghost!!  My great-granddaughter was dressed as a tiny bumble bee at Lexie's Birthday Party... she even had a little hat on to match!  So darn cute!!

And this my friend is a dog ready for the water!!  So funny... I can't believe he sits there and lets them put those flippers on his feet!  Nice Poochie!!

Gotta go.... have to ship a big box, bake cookies, go to the bank, and work on my paper piecing lesson!!!
Chat tomorrow.... SEW.. SEW.. SEW.. SEW!!!

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