Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Thursday!
Wow...where did this week go... It seems like it was just Monday. 
Today as I was scrolling through Pinterest ... several quilts caught my eye... so I thought I would share them with you!!!
But first... there is a new line of fabric that should be in the stores - Orchard House !!  It's designer is Jeanne from Country Sampler in Wisconsin.  OMG!!!  This is the fabulous store I told you about that we visited this summer.  Be still my heart...  I am a HUGE fan of muted colors for the antique look.
These are perfect and I can't wait to see what she and her staff make from this fabric.  Go to her BLOG  Country Sampler Blog and take a peak at her store.  Once you see it... and you know me... you can see why I love it so much!!
Thanks Jeanne for making such scrumptious fabric!  I LOVE IT!!!

Then... I thought the border on this quilt was super!  See how it's two color?  You don't see this very often and I think it's a wonderful idea.  It certainly makes your eye move around the quilt when you look at it!

Then...this sweet American quilt.  I actually can't tell if it's put together on the diagonal setting or not... but I love the fact that it looks that way.  You don't see many quilts in this diagonal stripe style very often.

Now... this is a border ladies and gentlemen.  It's a quilt made from a Japanese artist.  Let me tell you...they are the masters... don't you think?  So intricate and in such detail.  Just stunning... simply stunning.... little houses, barn, trees ... even a tiny white picket fence!  I want this quilt!


Here is my favorite look again...tiny stars in muted blues and grays.  LOVE IT!!

Then... on the flip side.. I love the pretty feminine pastel.  PLUS I truly am attracted to vertical quilts.  This one is so simple and so lovey. just doesn't need a border.  Let the vines be the main focus of the quilt!

So... how did you like my quilt show?  Pretty cool isn't it?  Now it's time for some sweet, funny stuff!!
baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... aren't I adorable?  How can anyone not think this is the sweetest face ever.  Sweet little lambs are the absolute best!  I sure wish I could hold this little fellow....

Then... I thought this was a hoot... can you see yourself walking through the park and you look over to say HI to the person on the park bench... then you realize it's a snow person.  So cool!!  What a cute trick to play on someone.  Love the certainly looks a little winter, wind blown doesn't it?

This was so cute... the kitty LOVES his snowman friend.  I wonder what in the heck possessed this kitty to hug and love on him?  Maybe the scent of it's owner is on the scarf?  Too Sweet!

Then I saw was the best of all.  Needless to say... I did one of those out loud laughs when it came on my computer screen!  Either he's hanging on for dear life... or for some unknown reason he was flying and DID NOT pay attention to where he was going...... Kind of like George of the Jungle.... "Look Out For That Tree" !!!!!

On that little note... I'm out of here.... gotta get my sewing ready for Cinnamon's !!!

Later ................. SEW!!!!!!!


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