Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday....
Gosh..... I'm not sure where the weekend went?  I jolted out of bed this morning thinking it was later than it was.  Well... it's still a little late for me.  But the sleep was wonderful.
Friday night I was at the Friday Night Sewcial and I worked on my "Mrs. Billings Coverlet" with my friend Jackie.  We decided to begin by making LOTS of our 5/8" octagons... for in the quilt... and for the background of the border.  OMG... these things are breeding... I swear I work and work and the pile of fabric and unused paper pieces are growing even larger.  However.... this weekend while watching movies with Jack...I FINISHED ALL OF MY 572 OCTAGONS FOR THE BORDER!!  Take a peek!!

Just in case it's hard to visual the size of these little boooooogers... I placed a quarter beside one!  Yes... my friends...that's how little these silly things are.  572 of them! 
The center block has diamonds in it also.... see that octagon...cut it into 3 diamonds and that's the size of the silly thing.  We were all laughing... the sewing machine foot is bigger than my diamonds.  Yes ma'am's.... this block will surely be pieced by hand... no doubt about that!
I can't wait to visit with this lady again at market..... she's from Australia... I'm going to ask her what in the heck was in her mind when she designed this thing?  Whew!!!
The tips of my fingers are very tender to the touch.... gee... I can't imagine why!!
Then... Sunday a bunch of us that went to Primitive Gatherings in Wisconsin in June.... we all met at Cinnamon's to finish up a wool project we bought there.  It was time to do the construction on our little "snap pouch" - with gussets, turned binding...whew... we were all struggling with the we figured 6 heads were better than one!   We FINALLY figured it out!
It was one of those patterns where there were toooooo many detailed instructions (called "over-kill") and it was so confusing.  However.... we WON.. here's the photo of mine... I'm now ready to construct it into a pouch.  These flowers will be on both sides!
Isn't it adorable?  I just love it!  Virginia picked out her own wool and made hers (mine was a kit).  OMG she had the most gorgeous rusty/red plaid for the body of  hers... it was so pretty... I wanted to steal it!  Ha!  We have all decided since we figured out the directions we could make another one MUCH FASTER!  When it's all constructed... I'll post a picture... I'm going to try and get it done today. (fingers crossed)
Well... I would love to show you more that I got from Pinterest...but for some reason it does not want me to PIN pictures.  (Have I told you how much I hate computer programs that don't work?)  So... All I could get are these two sweet - silly pictures to make you giggle!
The caption on this picture was... "Ooooops!"    Isn't this kitty so sweet?  Look at those adorable pink paws!!!

The caption on this picture says it all.... I don't even need to comment on it at all!!  SO FUNNY!!

On that note... I'm leaving you.  I have tons to do.......  Hope your weekend was wonderful!

See you tomorrow!


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