Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Morning!!!
Today is PACKING DAY!!  Are you all sick of me talking about market?  (if so... I'm so sorry...)
I'm running tons of errands...packing... manicure... bank.... and then my honey and I are going out for dinner together since we won't see each other for several days.  I've had a hunger for the Wild West Shrimp and the Chicken Parmesan from Long Horn Steak House.  One of my favorite meals of all times!!  YUM!!
I finally finished all of my 1" 1/2 square triangles for my Colfax County Quilt!  WOW!  I have them all sorted into their own little I need to cut out the rest of the fabric and get started.  If I have time... I will be cutting today so when I get back into town I can begin sewing!  It's so wonderful and I'm so excited to make it.
I found some wonderful chit chat ideas for us!!!
Isn't this a fun way to showcase your child's growth chart?  Each time they measure how tall they are... they've added their photo in cute little black frames.

This was so clever!!!  When you have a strict time frame for medicine.... use the back of the bottle and with a permanent market... make your chart.  Then check off each time you take your medicine.  Heck..I need this...half the time I can't remember when I've taken it!!!

I thought this was so clever... if you have an outfit that has more than one piece to it...  you can use soda can pop tops and attach the two hangars together!  I LOVED this idea...pretty darn clever I would say!

This used to be an entertainment piece that held the large TV... !  They repurposed it into the babies room - repainted it and made it into their changing table, dresser, and storage.  I think it's adorable!
I think it would look fabulous in a sewing studio.  Where the pink is... have that be cork for your "inspiration board".  I don't have one of those and I NEED ONE...!

While we are still on the topic of babies... look at this pacifier!!  It tells the babies temperature!  How wonderful is the "backside" method that's for sure! 

Then... I don't know who thought of this but it's very wonderful.  Remember when you had to give a bottle to a fussy baby and you weren't in the place or situation where you could sit with them and feed them.  Here you go!!  This fancy little kitty will help hold the bottle for them.  Too Cute!!

Here's another idea.  When your toddlers are learning how to hold a cup (while you are with them), they suggest putting some rubber bands around the cup so it's easier for them to grab.  Of course, these days all mommies have those cute, cute sippee cups that are easy for the baby to hold.  But in a pinch...this will work for you also.

Away from babies... isn't this a clever idea.  It was made by a gal that lives in an apartment and she was not allowed to put nail holes in the walls.  She found this great apple picking ladder and attached her frames to it.  I think it's pretty darn adorable. 

Are you always loosing your keys... do you have to search everywhere for them?  LOOK AT THIS!  I've never seen this before... but it is a light switch cover and the bottom portion of it is magnetized!  When you come into the house - switch the light on... attach your keys!  Especially if you only enter your house one way ... all of the time!  Pretty smart!

Are you tired of your earrings always getting tangled... or separated from each other in your jewelry drawer?  This gal bought her some ice cube trays and they now hold her earrings!  LOVE IT!!!

See... I told you I found clever things.  I just love smart people !!  Don't you?
I smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing... mmmmmm nothing smells better does it???  (well... maybe the smell of a fresh cut lawn!) 
I'm pulling out the suitcase and getting packed.  I'm not sure if the blogging will be available while I'm gone.  I'm hoping to ... but it depends on the hotels Wi-Fi!  I'm sure they have it... if not.. I will be collecting photos and sending them when I return.  I will also post them on FaceBook!  So make sure you check it out.
Stay well.... sew a bunch .... love each other... and be good!
I'll be back before you know it!  Ta-Da!
Hugs to all!

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