Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Morning! 
Gosh.... for a minute there I couldn't remember what day this was!  Brain Freeze!  That's what happens to me when I have a million things going.... 
I'm giving a presentation for Marcus Fabrics at our Quilt Market in October.... I have to put the final touches on it so it can be sent to them for copies!  It's called "Retreats That Repeat"!  I sure hope everyone enjoys the tips to making their retreats (in their classrooms) eventful and FUN!!
Here are some fun things for you today....
This first one is so cool.  At Thanksgiving - give everyone at the table a permanent marker they can write with.  When dinner is finished and the plates are taken away.... have them write why they are Thankful (as many as they wish) and sign their name.  Then use it next year so they can see what they've written.  Fun, fun, fun... then do it again!  It's great to see how things change over the years as to what we are thankful for!

What a great idea for "re-planting" your shrubs or large foliage trees in pots.  Instead of putting rocks in the bottom for drainage... place plastic bottles.  It still gives the filler, drainage and height - but is so much lighter to carry! 

When I saw this I screamed with joy!  Look what they've done to make their pantry even MORE useful!!!  They've taken smaller shelving units and attached them inside the door on the side wall.  This is perfect for those extra spices or even envelopes (taco mix, salad dressings, etc.)!! 

Isn't this the sweetest label for a Quilt? 
 I loved it... then the name, date, etc. is smaller under the poem. 

I can remember trying to teach Heather the states and their capitals.  Wow... was that so hard for her to remember!  This would have been a lot more fun.  They've taken the United States puzzle and put magnets on the back....then they can play with it on the refrigerator!  Cool huh?

Well..... unfortunately... it's time for me to get busy!  I have to run some errands, unpack (I still have to unpack all of the retreat stuff...... I hate that job....)...then it's putting my sewing room back together too!..eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!  Where are all my little helpers?  Boo Hoo!!
Let's chat tomorrow!!!

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