Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Morning!
Don't you just love this weather?  aaahhhh.... 50 degrees out this morning!  So refreshing...I think I'll open up the house a little this afternoon.  The smell of fresh air is so wonderful to long as it smells GOOD outside!
When I attend market and for weeks after, I have a terrible time sleeping.  My mind does nothing but design all night long.  Then I awake and MUST write it down or it will FOR SURE be gone in the morning.  I saw so many wonderful things this market that it just gets ones creative juices REALLY flowing.
What were the trends?  Well...........  Modern Quilts were the trend - they were everywhere.  I can truly appreciate those that like them... but some of them were simply too darn simple for me.  Taking 2 - 4 different fabrics and stitching a HUGE plus and minus sign together - then quilting it is not for me.  However, I am so grateful that we have quilters like that.... because they support our quilt shops with the purchase of fabric, notions, and then long arm quilting fees.
The fabric - it was pretty much as always...all over the board - from florals to graphics to reproduction to whimsical to beautiful designs from all over the world.  We had Australia, Africa, Japan, France, all of the islands (batiks) - you name it... it was there!
Here is Blackbird's booth.  The quilts hanging are going to be in their new book that is to release soon!     They were gorgeous and quilted so wonderful.

Paula and Maryellen's double booth was so pretty.... I thought I had a picture of it but I don't.  However... if you go to their BLOG - you can see it so much better.  They posted MANY pictures so you can see all of their new quilts.  Red Crinoline Quilts    Click on their website and then on the right side - where you see their logo & the BLOG - click there and it will take you directly to their photos!  (my picture is a little sorry!)

Then.... I found this gorgeous rug that is made from ALL PRAIRIE POINTS and is to die for!!  It just had to come home with me...that's all there was to it.  However... I am NOT putting it on the floor.  I don't think this one was ever on the floor... the back of it is burlap - like they used to hook rugs.
I'm going to work on the directions to construct one of these.... I do believe I may turn mine into a pillow!  I didn't get a chance to count all of the different types of fabric in this rug... but there was a TON OF IT!!!  What an awesome way to use up your scraps.

Here are some more photos ......... 
This is something else... and I am planning on teaching this at Cinnamon's!!!  We will use the Block Lock tool - it's new to all of us and so wonderful... I'm so excited to show you how it works and how to make this gorgeous quilt!  Everything has been ordered....!

Then I searched the entire floor for just the right wool project for my Baaad Girls Club.  This was my favorite... not to big... choice of Spring/Summer or Winter.... they were adorable.  The patterns will be completed in November...just in time for me to show them to the group and let them pick (if they want to participate) one of their choice to make.    They are from the Silver Thimble Patterns - Pat Wys !!!

Well... I think that's it for this morning.  I've got some unpacking to do along with laundry... (ick!)

Have a super day....!


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