Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Friday Morning!
My hubby is already at the car dealership.... there is some crazy part that needs either fixed or replaced.  He told me he hoped it wasn't going to be an expensive day!  I commented... it can't be as much as making payments for a new car... !  (even though he would love to have a truck...!)
Yesterday was so much fun at Cinnamon's.  We laughed, stitched, had yummy food...great time by all!  I saw one of my friends (Kelly K.) who is now working... nights no less!!  What's up with's cutting into our sewing time!  Boo Hoo!!  She's so sweet and so funny... keeps me giggling all the time!
Look at the quilts I found today....
This one is by Lori Smith... I simply love her work.  What a great quilt to use up your scraps and I love the way she has the horizontal sashing from different fabrics!  I am not normally a fan of sampler quilts...but this one is super pretty!!

Then we have the Dresden Plate... this one is a bit unusual... they have the cute additional blocks in the quilt!  I like how the center of the plate is the same fabric as the background also.  Don't you just want to curl up under this quilt.... when it's nice and chilly outside.... and .... aaaaaaahhhhhhhh... it's been hanging outside and smells like the fresh outdoors!!

This is pretty darn cute... they used an old quilt and repaired it with doilies.  I don't know that I am a big fan of that... the part I like is that it's on the front porch swing - a padded seat... how wonderful.  I can see swinging on this early on a summer morning drinking my coffee... yummy!!

Then we have this whimsical holiday quilt called Comfort and Joy from Pumpkin Patch Primitives.  Oh... my.... how I love this!  I'm so can be primitive, shabby chic, antique, reproduction, and I like it!  Each of these blocks is cuter than the one before it!  Now..this would be awesome to make.
 I think I'll check into the pattern.  Many of the applique pieces...  would be so perfect with wool!!
Hmmmmm... I wonder if my "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club" would love to work on this as a group?
It's from my friend Pat Wys at Silver Thimble Quilt Company!!
Ha... I thought this was so funny!!  I wonder if I can get my 2 smaller granddaughters to believe these are turkey toes.  Some how.... I don't think so!  What a cute conversation piece.

I thought this little bunny was pretty darn cute.  It's a knitted square and then they show you how to fold it into a bunny!  If I get enough energy I might try this... although I'm not sure who I would give it to when finished... oh wait... I know... My sweet little great-granddaughter would probably love it!

This is so cute.  they have taken masking tape and made roads for the little boys to play with their cars and trucks (or little girls too...they can use their Barbie things..)  I sure wish my mom would have made one of these for us... I can see little boys spending hours playing.... hhhmmm... what a great way to keep them occupied!

Now this is a giant spider!!!  Isn't it a hoot?  What fun making this bad boy and having him near your front door on Halloween night!  Just find you some perfectly bent sticks and you're on your way!

This is an antique Animal Cookies tin.  Did you get to buy a paper box of cookies when you went to the grocery store?  I still remember our folks letting us have one.  Gosh.. .I wonder how much they cost back then.  I thought they were the best tasting cookies in the world.  I would eat them very slow... biting off their heads, tails, legs... sound pretty gross doesn't it?  I sure would like to own this tin!!!

This was such a super idea.  Every year before they begin school...take there picture like this...then give it to them when they get married!  I can just see a teenager NOT wanting to cooperate with this...can't you? 

And... I leave you with this... I don't believe any further explanation is required.  What are we thinking?

Have you registered to VOTE ?  If not - GET ON THE BALL AND REGISTER!!
Have a super weekend!!  Chat with you on Monday.

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