Friday, September 14, 2012's Friday!!!
I'm making yummy garlic bread today... taking it to Cinnamon's for our Friday Night Sewcial!  From 2:00 pm to midnight... we all sew and eat and laugh and shop!  OMG...doesn't get any better does it?
Before I forget... Thanks to all of you that are so sweet to say kind words about my blogging!  I certainly enjoy it and when it makes people happy... that's the best to me! 
Now for some exciting news!  I don't know if you remember or not...but 5 other girls and I jumped in and decided to make a collaborative quilt for our annual Quiltfest show here in Jacksonville.  It's coming up next week!  Well... WE WON FIRST PLACE IN THE CATEGORY!!!!  Here's what the quilt looked like (ours was prettier!).  I can't even begin to tell you how many pieces were in this little puppy!!  Everyone was so super and finished their blocks on time... then Pat added the borders, Susan quilted it ... OH HAPPY DAYS!!!

Then... my friend Cathy P. (she's one of my quilters) she entered a pieced quilt (large) and got a FIRST PLACE RIBBON on hers too!!!!  Then my friend Maggie got an HONORABLE MENTION on her quilt!  So Cool!!!  Congratulations to all of you!!
Hey... check out this table.  I OH - SO - WANT Jack to make this for me!

Now tell me you all wouldn't want one of these tables!!!  Don't you?  OMG it's FABULOUS!!!  I don't even care about the drawer in it... I need a "work" table in my sewing room REALLY BAD.  I'm going to do my best to see if this is a "go" for my honey to make for me.  I can just see the look on his face... tee hee...
Check out this bedroom... I want the entire room...the walls...the wood floor... but I especially love this long bench at the end of the bed.  Although I would have to keep things on it that wouldn't break.  We hate the covers tucked in at the bottom so we're always pulling them out - I can just see us kicking something off this bench.  I know.... I'll fold some pretty quilts up and place there...along with some kind of soft pillow...hhhmmmmmm.... I have the vision... and I even know where there is an adorable bench for sale... in my friend's antique booth... Oh Kelly.....

These are kids bunk beds... isn't it cute how they did the ladder?  The tree theme is just darn right adorable!!!

I wanted you to see this cookie arrangement.. they've used an old fashioned bundt pan and popped the cookies on the inside...trimmed with some REAL evergreen garnish.  YUM... I certainly think it's very "homey" looking...just like I love!

 Here's a trick I saw... you are supposed to rub your faucet and handles with wax paper.  It shines up the metal and prevents water stains from happening!  Pretty cool don't you think?  Now.. if it works or not... I have no idea.  Try it and let's see... it certainly can't hurt anything!!!

Aren't these the sweetest cans you've ever seen?  They covered them with contact paper!  How cheery they look instead of a plain old aluminum can!  I need for pencils, small scissors, rotary cutters, etc.  Fun to make too! is our sweet friend for the day.... a brand new little lab puppy.... sporting his bright red collar!  Don't you just want to pick him up and snuggle... I can feel him wiggling in my arms and licking me all over.  Puppies are the sweetest things on earth....   Look at those eyes... He's saying... "You are taking me home with you....aren't you?"

Have a super weekend and see you on Monday!!!

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