Monday, September 17, 2012

Well...did you all have a super weekend?  Mine was pretty darn quiet and it felt good to be lazy and rest a bit.  Today... however.... that's another story.
I have 3 days to finish up my last minute duties for our week long retreat.  Today I'm making name tags, getting meal tickets ready... then it's out to the garage to find all my tubs of retreat things... It's almost here and I can't wait to see everyone! 

Friday night I went to Cinnamon's and finished 3 projects!!!!  Oh my...that felt so good.  I finished my Christmas Quilt...added some decorative buttons and the binding, finished the binding on a work project bag, and then put to rest a table mat I was making from cotton and wool (above).  The shapes are made with plastic templates called "Hickory Nuts".  It's very easy and FUN to do.  Cinnamon's has them in the shop.
Look how cute they decorated this fall chip dip!  Those are the "blue" chips that taste great... with some sliced black olives for the mouth.  How simple and adorable!

I love how this candle is decorated.  They've simply went to the yard and found some beautiful fall leaves... arranged them around the candle...tied them on with jute and added a few acorns!  Now..this is a great mind!! 

Ha... I burst out giggling when I saw this sign.  This is sssssssssoooooooooo true.  I find all of these sweet wedding ideas - heck I have no one getting married in a big wedding! Then the babies... oh my... some of them are do darn adorable... then let's talk about the food!  If you don't get hunger pangs in your stomach when you are on Pinterest...there is something wrong with you!

I loved this idea... these are framed recipes from her great grandmother!  She wanted to preserve them and have them where she could see them everyday.  They are in her kitchen!  Isn't that a sweet idea?  I especially like how she put them between two pieces of glass!!!

Now... if you have a large family that uses the shower - this is a great idea.  They've taken a second shower rod and hung it to the inside of the shower stall.  From it they have all of their soaps and wash scrunchies hanging... you could even hang one of those shelf units in the corner for more space!

Do you like mercury glass?  I just think it's wonderful... either the silver or the pastel colors...I love them all.  I remember when it first became popular (when we had the store) .... they were in the shape of Christmas trees and so darn expensive...we couldn't imagine anyone paying that amount of money for them.  So we waited several years and the prices came down and more Christmas items were made from the glass.  I guess I like it because it looks old with that vintage feeling!!  This heart has an old piece of jewelry glued to the center  of it.

What a pretty arrangement on the fireplace mantle!!!
Well... I'm off for another cup of coffee and then it's on to making name tags!!!!!
I'll chat with you tomorrow... have a blessed day!

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