Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11 - Do you remember this day...years ago?  I sure do!  I was running errands... was over on Baymeadows visiting with my sign company.  When finished I walked down the sidewalk to Panera Bread for a cup of coffee and something yummy to eat.   While standing in line I heard the crowd talking... and talking... and talking... about the same thing... a plane hit one of the towers in downtown New York. 
I really couldn't understand how a plane could get off their bearings and hit a tower... kind of low... a million things raced through my mind.. praying that all were in no pain and that there were few fatalities.
Leaving Panera Bread I turned on the radio and really found out what happened.  I was so shocked I almost couldn't drive the car as I was headed to the store.  From there...we all know what happened.
Years have gone by and I can still remember it like it was yesterday and still pray for all of those that lost loved ones... especially those that had nothing - absolutely nothing - for closure... nothing - can you imagine... loosing a loved one and they are just gone...vanished into dust and you have no way of even collecting a speck of them to keep and love.  Simply heart-breaking.... I can still cry about it today. 
This is also MY day for sewing with my friend - Merryanne!  I'm beginning to work on a new design...it has baskets in the blocks.  I've always been a lover of baskets..whether they are actual baskets (hand woven, antique) or in quilt blocks...they are one of my favorites!  I'm making them in colors of green, pinkish red, and yellow - doesn't it sound like "lemon-lime-strawberry"?  That must be in the name somewhere.  It will "speak" to me as I'm sewing it!!
Look at these beautiful photos I found!  Can you guess where this first place is? 

How about here?


This is in Turkey.... rock formations that have pools of water on top of them!
Do any of you follow the funny little things the Elf on the Shelf does?  This one is pretty cute.  They've put him inside a roll of toilet paper and rolled him down the stairs...like he is playing!  Ha!  I thought it was pretty funny!!


Look at these leaves!  Believe it or not they are soap!  They are designed to have in your bathroom for your guests - you can wash your hands 2-3 times with each leaf.  Aren't they pretty?

Do you have bracelets that fit your arm great but are hard to latch?  This was a cool idea - open up a large paper clip and keep it in your jewelry box.  Then when it's time to wear the bracelet...let it be your "third hand"!  Clever !!

I loved this idea.... This lady made pumpkin soup and she cut off the top of her pumpkin to dig out the pumpkin and then placed it on her soup tureen!  She even dug out a little notch for the spoon!  Now...what are the odds she got it the exact size she needed?  Me... I would have to measure my bowl and then off to the pumpkin patch I would go and measure every pumpkin until I found one the correct size.  I'm sure people would think I were nuts!  (I'm just sayin')

Here is that yummy popcorn, candy corn recipe I found!  
You have to work really fast when making this! 
2 bags HOT popped corn
1 bag candy corn
1 package (16 oz) white almond bark
Wax paper & cookie sheet
Melt your almond bark while your popcorn is popping in the microwave
Spread wax paper onto a large cookie sheet
In a large bowl - dump your HOT popcorn and your candy corn - and your drizzled almond bark - MIX well until coated
Lay out on your wax paper cooking sheet
Sprinkle with Halloween sprinkles
Let cool and break into pieces.

Here's our little friend...hiding in the tree...taking a nap. 
This little owl looks like he's part of the tree doesn't he?

Okay..it's time for me to say good-bye.  My honey is vacuuming the floor and I must dust and clean the bathrooms... ICK... I hate my jobs!!  But...it's gotta get done!
Have a fun day today.. enjoy your candy (if you get to make it)!

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