Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How will your Tuesday be?  Mine...busy!  I'm eating lunch with my sister... then heading out to Camp Blanding in the late afternoon to visit with my 3 friends that help me with the retreat... Wynette, Diane and Donna!  These three girls are so wonderful, funny, and just the bestest gals ever!  I laugh so much when I'm with them...can't wait to see them!
Of course...today... I need to continue to work on my Christmas Quilt for Cinnamons.  I had all of my rows put together and guess what I noticed?  Yep!!  Two of my blocks were turned the wrong way.  I swear... I don't know how these things happen.  From the time I had it laid out on my sewing studio floor to the time I picked it up and moved to the sewing machine.... two of the blocks got twisted.  ARG!!!!  I hate to take things out.  I know now... I sure wouldn't have been a good alteration seamstress!  NO THANK YOU!!!
Count down until my retreat is:  16 days until I have to set up!  YIPPEE!!  One solid week of being with the girls and sewing.  Love it!
Let's talk about this!
Our poor, poor, farmers.  They are having such a rough time this year..those in the midwest.  We met several farmers on our cruise...from Iowa and they are just a mess.  Believe it or not... they told us the cattle farmers are having it rough too.  The fields are not producing enough grass so they are having to sell down their herds because they can't afford to feed them all the grain they need to grow strong and give us good beef.  You know... I heard the other day that 92% of every piece of product in a grocery store has some type of CORN by-product in it.  Isn't that amazing.  Let's all pray for rain for them....!

I just love all the things that are being made from the chalkboard paint.  So handy and clever.  These little signs are so cute.  They've bought the little wooden blanks.  Painted them with chalk paint (by the way...did you know they make it in other colors than black and green?) and glued them to pinch clothespins.  Now they are ready to take to your buffet table and place them on or near the casserole so everyone knows what they are eating. 
I wish we would have known about doing this when I had the store.  Wouldn't they have made cute, cute, cute price tags in a display!  I should make some of these for my local Quilt Shop... I'll bet she (Karen) would love to use them!

When I saw this I giggled.  There is just something about ANTIQUE dish drainers that appeals to me!  Every time I see one in an antique shop... I have to check it out and see how much they are.  They are so wonderful to use to hold your files, dishes in your cupboard, Tupperware lids... Love them.. the older they are the better!!  Look how cute this red one is with file folders and pencils in the silverware tub!

I also adore chocolate molds.  Isn't this bunny so cute?  If I could afford it... I would have a collection of these.  However, they are EXPENSIVE when you find the real old ones.  I remember a booth at Renningers (Mt. Dora) that used to have really cool ones.  I would drool over them each time I visited their booth. 

Now...for those of you that love the cute wedding pictures..... How about this one?  HA!  So darn clever!  Let's don't forget FIDO in the picture.  What would be even cuter is if they had a cat's paw on top of the dogs!  Meoooooooooow!!!!  (eeeekkkkk FIGHT!)

I think it's so cute how these adorable plates/cups have been made into serving pieces.  Aren't they sweet?  This gal makes them...she's on Etsy.  She even sells the gold and silver pieces so you can make your own.!!!  This would be great for those of you that love to make candy... or how about full of miniature cupcakes?  YES!!

This one of my favorite... I simply am in in love with blue and white dishes, pottery...fabric... QUILTS... love them!
These are all Johnson Brothers plates!!  Be still my heart.

And last but not least.... BEST FRIENDS!  We had these big wash tubs when we were kids.  Here's a funny story...
Vic and I were on the school bus - early in the morning... FALL time of the year.  As we rode past our neighbors plowed and tilled field - we say a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) turtle in the field.  When we got to school, we called our Mom and told her. You see...we LOVED to eat turtle (tastes like yummy chicken).  She found him in the field..... drug him home by his tail - on his back... then put him in the barn with one of these tubs on top of him so he wouldn't crawl away!
That night... Daddy did his thing and we had turtle in the freezer!  Hope I didn't gross any of you out... but if you knew how far Mommy had to drag that turtle...whew...she's a better woman than I am!  I wouldn't have been able to do that! 

Have a super Tuesday.....
See you tomorrow!!

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