Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's LOAD & GO DAY!!!!  Yep... the car is loaded (except for my suitcase) and we're ready to head to Camp Blanding.  What a fun week we have ahead of us!!! 
Tomorrow is my "nervous" day... I always pray everyone gets checked in ok, I haven't forgotten anything, everyone gets set up where they want to be... you know... all the important stuff.  However, I don't know why I worry... it works out great each time!!
Of course you all know that while I am at Camp Blanding.. there will be no blogging.  I'm so sorry... as it is, I get minimum sleep..... we have LONG hours...sewing until midnight and up at 6:00 so I can get ready and to the hall to get it open early in the morning.  However, I will take lots of pictures and surprise you!  How does that sound?
I found some fun things for today!!
Look at this pretty table arrangement!!!  They've taken a pair of skates and glittered them up, added some greenery and floral.... so darn cute!!

Now this is so sweet... A family takes a jar and adds coin and $1's to it throughout the  year.  Then they find a needy family and place it on their door step and let them find it. It's such a blessing.
  I remember buying groceries for a sweet church family we knew...they had 2 adorable girls.  I was visiting with them (before buying groceries) and looked in their refrigerator.  They had 1 potato !  That was it... and nothing in their pantry.  I don't know how they were living.  Jack and I went to the base commissary and loaded up for them. 
You should have seen them when we brought their groceries in... it was the best feeling ever... my best Christmas.. and I still remember it like it was yesterday - this was over 20 years ago!

Isn't this cute for your dinner napkins... so simple and so wonderful!

I love this idea... for when you are having a Christmas gathering at your house!!  They have taken wreaths and placed jar candles inside... along their sidewalk!   Isn't this awesome?

Now this idea... I have never heard of.... They have taken candy canes and pulverized them into Candy Dust.     Add to your hot cocoa - Add to your coffee - Add to icing - Sprinkle on cakes and cookies - Add to cake or cookie batter - Dip chocolate pretzels in it - Sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt.
Pretty darn clever!!!

Wow... .is this clever.  They take their empty toilet paper rolls and move them to the laundry room!  Every time they clean out the dryer lint basket - they stuff it into the roll.  When it's full... it moves into the living room into a basket by the fireplace.  They use these to start their fires!  So cool!  No waste!  Love it!
And this is our funny for the day.....
Can you imagine going out to get in your car and you see this?
OMG!!!!  I think it's really funny but I sure wouldn't want these cotton balls stuck to my car!
Can you say.... "Car Wash"?

Everyone have a great week....stay safe...stay healthy.... sew a bunch!

We'll chat when I get back home!


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