Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well, today is a bit calmer (in the morning) and I can Blog!  Yesterday was a day full of needles  from both the doctor and dentist (..... shutter  ...... ) ! 
I'm off to Cinnamon's today for a bit of afternoon lunch (celebrating two birthdays) and some sewing. Actually... I'm ripping out and resewing! (the price of rushing...)
Ok..... here are some crazies for you...!
Are you kidding me?  These are real shoes folks... I'm telling you a true fact!  I want to meet the woman that can wear these shoes.  She has to be a ballerina!  That's all there is to it!  OMG!  My feet are screaming with pain already!

What about these?  They aren't as bad for the height... but how would you like to buckle all of these so they are the right tightness?  It would take forever.  Can you imagine being a shoe salesman and someone asks to try these on?  However, once you have them adjusted properly...there is a zipper up the back for taking them on and off.  I do love the color...don't you?  I can just feel those little straps digging into the sides of my feet...especially on the little toe!!! YIKES!!! is something a little more practical!  They have taken the bottom of 2 liter soda bottle and freezing the liquid.  Then you have GIANT flower ice cubes in your punch!  The top one (yellow) is a jello mold!  Now how clever is that? !!!!

Have you ever wanted to use a large protruding item (tree.... etc/) in a pot?  They tell you to use the blow up foam (that hardens) to hold it in place.  Once I read this... I do remember having a fake ficus tree... when it got old and was heading for the dumpster... I noticed this is what they used in the bottom of the pot!  It's light weight... but stable enough to hold the plant and keep it upright!

I saw this table runner and thought it was adorable.  How quick and easy to make.  Especially if you used wool for the applique pieces and machine stitched around them (versus hand embroidery). 

I have to laugh.... my hubby LOVES ice cream and when I saw these three cones... it was right up his alley!  His favorite ice cream is Neapolitan (go figure... I love the yummier kind... butter pecan, rocky road...).  Yesterday we were grocery shopping and we found Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches!  He's dieting... so it was all he could stand to walk away from the freezer!!  Poor baby!!
Can you say "Brain Freeze" after eating one of these?

I saw this the other day as a holder for your scissors.  I keep wanting to get one but can never remember!  I have the hardest time keeping track of all my scissors.  This is the answer for me!  Except for all the little tiny ones I have... I know.. I'll put them in a special which one do I empty to hold the scissors?  What's a girl to do?

Ha... isn't this a HOOT?  Kind of scary though...don't you think?  You certainly want to be sure you have plenty of gas in your car and water in your radiator!

Isn't this a sweet, sweet picture!  I love the caption! 
Doggies are so loving...aren't they? 

I'm out of here...time to gather my stuff and pack up my fixins for a yummy salad I'm making today for the luncheon. 
Everyone have a fun day with YOUR friends!  I'm sure planning on it!
Hugs to all!

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