Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi Everyone!!
Today I get my hair cut...yippee.!  Isn't it so cool how you feel after a hair cut (and color)?  Feels like you weigh 20 pounds lighter (oh how I wish that were true).  Then it's errand day...got to get all the fixins for the retreat...coffee, cups, napkins.....
Then it will be time to get my projects all packed up.  I'm having a terrible time deciding what to work on this year!  Normally I have it all planned.  I think I'll do a bunch of small projects that is on my list - fun FALL pillow cases for Lexie and Eden, two Christmas throws for them out of yummy soft knit fabric, binding on more project bags, finish a fall quilt I was piecing... and I don't know what else.  I'm always afraid I'll run out of things to do! 
I almost forgot...here's another project I have to do.  I found a black lampshade so I'll have that to work on also.  The pattern also comes with the table mat.

I wanted you to see the quilting on this project!  Isn't it fabulous? 
That took a VERY LONG TIME to finish....!!

Hey...remember when I showed you the second shower rod the other day?  Look what else they make!  It's a double rod in the front...so you can hang towels on the inside one!  How stinkin' clever is that?

I just love Fall Decorating... look at this wreath.  It's full of pretty sunflowers, grass, leaves and an awesome orange plaid ribbon!  It makes me smile! :)  How pretty hanging on your front door!!

Then...this basket took my breath away!  I'm not so excited about the arrangement inside but I love the exterior with this wonderful wool applique piece attached to the front!  Gals...these are so easy to do.  Isn't it awesome?  I want this!!

And ... since I have to hit the shower and run... it's time to say good-bye.  Look at my little friend.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever? !!!!!  I know my friend, Lynn.... will love him!  (she loves baby donkeys) 
How adorable!!!

Sorry to be so quick today....but gotta get going...
you know how that goes!!

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