Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday!
Wow... my list of   "To Do's" is pretty long today... but oh so worth it (except for doing laundry...I hate that job).
I was so excited yesterday... I discovered 2 more FUN things I can take to Camp Blanding with me... it's from one of my favorite wool artists - Buttermilk Basin.  I swear... when I go in her booth at market I just want to buy everything.  She is so talented (Stacy) and fun to be with.  Here's what I'm making!

Yes... It's a stuff sheep...!!  It's big too... you see the little blankets on her back?  Well...there are 12 of them and you switch them out each month.  Karen (from Cinnamon's) stitched two of the blankets... so know I can put her together and she has another shop sample.  I'm telling you...this is a winner!
Then... I got a huge bolt of Christmas fleece from my friend Jackie (at a tag sale) and I'm making it into Christmas throws for Lexie and Eden.  I'm going to tie the ends like this....

Isn't it cute?  I read up on the instructions and I'm good to go!  I love's so soft and yummy and I know they both LOVE soft blankets and quilts!!
PLUS... I wish I had enough nerve to try this...
check out this block!!
Is this not something else?  I'll bet my friend Karen could make this!!  She hand pieces so beautiful and this looks like something she would love to do.......... right Karen? 
You know I'm talking to you!!!
I've been showing you beautiful Fall Decorations....
 check this one out!
Is this not yumilicious?  Wow... how pretty  is this? !!!  I love little barrels...I think they are so much fun to decorate with....hard to find though!
I thought this was pretty darn smart too.... She has all of her tape, string and ribbon on a paper towel holder.  DUH!!!  Never thought of using one in the sewing studio!!  Pretty darn smart!!
Just a question.... how in the heck can this FROG sit on this toadstool and not break it?  Besides... I always thought they sat under them... for shade????????  (I'm just sayin'!)

I thought this was so wonderful.  It's made to hook on the back of the airline seat in front of you and then you can lay the baby in your lap.... Can't you just see them falling asleep with the motion and noise of the plane.  So sweet!!!

This is our sweet - funny of the day! 
Isn't this kitty had adorable on this wee one?
  It made me giggle when I saw it this morning.
I'm off to do the laundry and get my sewing stuff packed
for the retreat....
Chat with you in the morning!
Sew some stitches today!

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