Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Monday!
What does this week have in store for you?  Mine? Well... a mix of stuff...finishing up a quilt (wow...I can't wait until this one is finished), doctor appointment, sewing with the girls... housework (ick!)....
This past week I have been living at my computer getting everyone signed up for their meals and lodging at our September Camp Blanding Retreat!  We have 190 gals and guys signed up!  I can't wait!!!
I'm hoping I get a little energy going this morning... feel like I could crawl back into bed!  Don't you hate mornings like that?  Especially when you CAN'T go back to bed... got things to do!
I have a real MIXTURE of things to show you today!!
I thought this computer message was pretty fitting for me this weekend!  HA!  Wouldn't you just scream if this actually came up on your computer after you had been sitting there for hours and hours?  HA!!

Then.... this made me laugh... especially since I've had a store where you MUST put out your holiday merchandise before it's time or you would NEVER sell any.  I guess Nordstroms is so BIG and popular...they don't have to worry about it...!!  I can't tell you how many times we heard people grumbling because we had our holiday merchandise out early.... then they would turn around and buy stuff... silly huh?

This sign made me laugh out loud.  So cute!  I tell you... people's imagination and the ideas they come up with  simply get to me.  So wonderful!

Now...this is not a good picture... but I'm sure you will get the idea!'s a lamp made from an antique sewing machine.  Gosh... I sure want one of these!  Oh Jack....where are you ???????

Then... I simply have a BIG warm SPOT in my heart for this style of furniture.  I just love these old fancy chest of drawers that have been painted shabby chic!  It's just something I want to walk up and HUG!  Isn't it sweet and feminine?  LOVE IT!!!  WANT IT!!!

Then... I found this old drying rack!  Is this NOT to die for?  I don't give a hoot about drying anything on it... I want it for a quilt display - don't you think?  Oh... Jack.... I'm still looking for you.....

I love this little seating area at the staircase - don't you?  What a fun place to curl up in with a good book or quilting magazine - along with a yummy cup of coffee...and relax and read!  I want one of these!  However, I guess I do need the staircase to make this work - and that is NOT happening in my house.  NO STAIRS!  Darn it!
Did you ever have a diary when you were little.  I did... and I would never finish it.  As a matter of fact... I remember having several of them and I can't remember whatever happened to them.  I do remember that I hoped my mom didn't read what I had in it!  Ha!  yes... I did keep mine locked!  You don't think mom's knew how to open them do you?  That would NOT be good!
Then... look at this sweet little pygmy goat.  Isn't it adorable.  I sure would love to cuddle it!  So tiny... just a little bigger than this girls head!  You just can't beat how sweet baby goats and lambs are!!
Ok... I'm off to make some more coffee and hit the shower.  Everyone have a great Monday and we'll chat tomorrow!

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