Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gooooooodddd  Moooooooooooorning!!!
Did you all sleep well last night?  I went to bed early (8:00 believe it or not) and it felt so good to crawl under the covers.  My hubby laughs at me all the time... I crawl into bed and get real comfortable and always say... "I love my bed"!  He waits for it... and if I don't say it... he still laughs!
Today I'm so excited to pick up my Christmas quilt and sew with the girls.  I'm going to get my binding, buttons and trim attached then turn it over to Karen (Cinnamon's Quilt Shop)!!  Yippee... I hope she sells a ton of kits!!  She deserves so hard... in case none of you know it.. owning your own business is HARD WORK!!!  (right Karen?)
I'm also taking in a quilt top I've been working on to get some opinions from the gals.  It's a fall quilt - so wonderful.  Susan A. and I designed it when the store was still open and I want to get the applique part finished now...full of pumpkins!  I just can't decide whether to make them from cotton or wool... or maybe a mixture! 
Look at this fun fall chex mix!!  Isn't it yummy looking?  I thought it would be fun to make some of these little bags and pass out to my friends while we are sewing...  cool huh?  I don't think mine will have these cute little tags...but I'll do something cute!!

Hey...isn't this clever?  Now..I'm not saying that all of these colors are my favorites...but just the way they've added the buttons to a sweatshirt neckline gives it a little more character...don't you think?
I wish my sewing machine would sew on buttons!'s a little trivia for you... !
Did you know that no matter how huge the button is compared to another button...the holes are always in the same place?  You can lay a small 3/8" button on top of a 2" button and you will be able to line the holes up evenly and look right straight through them.  Try it... it's so cool!'s the wool I was talking about for my pumpkins on my quilt....isn't this gorgeous?  Now that is orange my friends!!!!

Here is a cute idea...for the younger crowd.  They have taken a white V-neck T-shirt and a bottle of Elmer's glue.  They wrote words with the glue and let it harden.  Then they tie-dyed the shirt pink.. Peeled the glue off and it came out like this!  Pretty darn clever!  This kind of looks like a "love" shirt...!

I really loved this idea too....!!!  You know how card tables get icky tops after awhile?  Well... take the top off and recover it with a GOOD vinyl tablecloth!  Then screw the top back onto the table frame.  Isn't this cool?  I think it would be fun to cover the chairs with the same fabric.  Now...that would be a one of a kind card table set!  Can you see every ones face when they all come to your house to play Bunco or cards!!!

And.. .look at these two sweet things...   I think the little brown one is a bit confused on what's for dinner.  The look on the white puppy... is precious.... " for sure have puppy breath!"

Have fun.... Hug a friend today and make sure they know how much you love them!!!

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