Wednesday, August 29, 2012 is Wednesday.  Jack asked me that this morning... when you are gone and come home...have you noticed it's hard to keep track of the day?  We are back into our old sleeping habits already...Jack up with the chickens... and I wasn't too far behind him. 
When you have things to's just hard to lay there and try to go back to sleep...know what I mean? 
Tomorrow is the day when everyone signs up for their lodging and meals for our September Camp Blanding Retreat.  We have 194 signed up!!!  OMG!!!  What fun we are going to have! 
I found such cute things to share with you.... since FALL and CHRISTMAS are just around the corner (did I just say that...eeeekkkkk!!) things will surely pop up on Pinterest that you are going to love!
Here we go............
I just love this project... they have taken 3 different tins and attached them together in larger sizes to make this adorable "whatchamacallit" holder!!  I tried to see the directions - however, they would not download.  Maybe you can figure this out on your own.  I would think using a think dowel screwed to the bottom of each would work perfectly!

Here you go... make your own plant hooks!  How simple is this.  Bend the spoon to the shape you need.  You may need to use a vice for this "bending" technique....that silverware is pretty darn hard to bend with just your hands!  You can use this same shape but turn the spoon upside down and have a hook!  How cute would these be outside in your pool area - to hang wet towels to dry?  Yep.. love it!

Gosh... I sure would like to be the owner of this antique case.  I'm not sure what it is...but I love the look and the saying!  Very unusual piece...don't you agree?

And then we have the wonderful "STAR" !!  One of my friends (Cheri) loves stars.  Every time I see a wonderful one... I think of her (Hi Cheri!).  Here are 3 of my favorites. 
First... simple sewn stars from antique linen!  Wouldn't they be wonderful filled with a little bit of lavender?  mmmmm..... Tuck them in your linen closet or your "jammies" drawer.  Nice.....

Then...there is just something wonderful about metal stars... I'm not sure what it is but I love them.  Look at this sweet one... So tiny and petite!  He would be so cute tied onto a package, added to your napkin rings... or hanging from your tree!
And then we have the simple and elegant black star.  Look how they have stamped a star on the side of this old box!  It's such a strong symbol...don't you think?  It speaks "America" to me!!

I found out an interesting little tidbit from Pinterest.  They say when you are boiling eggs, if you put 1/2 tsp of baking soda in the water... it will make the eggs so much easier to peel!  Have you heard that before?  I can't wait to try it.  About the only time I boil eggs is when I'm making deviled eggs for the holidays! 

and then.... we have this poor little "critter"!  This kitty is being given a BATH!  I can't believe it even sat still long enough to have this picture taken.  None of the cats I ever had would be this polite.  They would have been out of that bathroom in a heartbeat!  I love the expression.... it looks like he is saying.... "please.... please... can I get dried off now????"  HA!!!!

Okay...that's it for today! 
Tomorrow I have some FUN Fall things for you!
Have a great day...get some sewing done!

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