Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We're   HOME!!!
Wow...what a great trip!  It was wonderful... yesterday was an entire day of flying and living in airports.  We had to get up at 3:00 am (Seattle time) for the 4:00 airport shuttle!!  We went to Chicago, Norfolk, and then Jacksonville...got home around 8:30 pm.  Tired puppies!!!  Why does flying wear you out so much... whew!
We woke up at 7:30 am this morning... pretty much VERY UNUSUAL for Jack.  He's up with the chickens.  We'll have to get used to the 4 hour time change again.  We changed time twice on the cruise ... then coming home again - twice!  I'm not sure who I am or where I am!!  HA!
Well, needless to say we ate our hearts out.  The ship was beautiful - the people were great - the entertainment was wonderful!  We quilted our little hearts out! 
Here are Pam and Lynn!!

It was so good being with them.... they are BOTH so GREAT!!!  Their quilting ideas are so darn cool!!  GUESS WHAT?  I asked them to be our instructors for the January 2012 Camp Blanding Retreat and they both said..."hhhmmmmmm".... winter in Chicago and Kansas in January...or going to Florida?....hhhhmmm.... YES!!!  It sure didn't take them long to decide! 
Wait until you see the projects they are going to teach.  Pam has two different quilts she's going to instruct.  Both of them are designed to be FAST piecing and they are BIG quilts.  HOWEVER...they are full of design and not the normal Yellow Brick Road "look".  She has special techniques for you and they are GREAT for beginners!
Lynn will have a NEW book out called "Loose Change" and she's going to show you new techniques in piecing and applique (it's so wonderfully easy...you'll love it!).  Her new book should be out at market!!!  Can't wait to get my copy (we pre-ordered them at the retreat)!
Both of them also have new lines of fabric coming out... Lynn with Moda and Pam with Marcus Brothers! 
Here is the pool deck we hung out at... pretty darn wonderful!

This is a picture from the boat from when we pulled into dock in Seattle.... the Space Needle!  It was built when they hosted the "World's Fair" years ago.  We went up in it and looked at all of Seattle.  The harbors and docks where the ships come in was so cool.  Much of the products we get from Japan and China arrive here!

The cruise was as smooth as glass.  One evening I woke up to the swaying of the boat...that was it.  However, there was a "bug" on the ship that many people caught...including some of the gals in the quilting class - it was not good.  They quarantined them to their rooms - they had to get shots - yep...pretty bad... you know the kind... (both ends)....they think it came from people that had been in Seattle a few days before the cruise.  Although...all was well a few days into the cruise and everyone was up and going again.
So...now that we are back home... it's back to business again. I feel like I've been gone for a month! PLUS... every once in awhile... I feel like I'm rocking.. like I'm STILL ON THE BOAT!! What's up with that? HA! Jack said he felt that way too.
This week we have our sign up for rooms for the Camp Blanding Retreat in September!  Oh Happy Days!  I can't wait to see everyone again.  So...with that in mind... I'm moving onto my next task.... making spreadsheets to get everyone in their rooms! 
I'll chat with you tomorrow.... it's good to be home... !

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