Friday, August 17, 2012

Well... today is the day before!  You know... like the day before Christmas..or the day before Christmas Eve???  Yep... tomorrow morning we hop out of bed... head for a yummy breakfast and off to the airport we go.  I'm ready to sit on that airplane... read... sew... relax... and maybe even take a nap!  Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I've been reading Pam's (Heartspun Quilts) Facebook comments - she's already there (in Seattle) seeing the sites... riding the ferry...eating yummy food, antiquing!!  Good for's a little break for her and her honey.  We'll be there soon PAM!!!!

I first met Pam at the Houston Quilt Market... it was her first one.  The patterns she had designed along with the teaching part for students was so clever.  I was so happy for her.  She took the leap and look where she is today!  Has a great business, designing fabric... and doing what she loves.  Life cannot be any greater than that. 

Let's see what we can chat about today... a hodgepodge of things...that's for sure!

Doesn't this look so YUMMY?  These are marshmallows coated with chocolate and crushed peppermint candy.  They are used to dunk in your coffee... or even hot chocolate.  Or... if it were me... I would simply eat the thing...just the way it is!!

Fall is my favorite season... I simply love the cool fresh air... crispy leaves... pumpkins, etc.  So I couldn't pass up this chair.  I think it is so darn cute!  Find an old chair... paint it orange.. distress it with some black paint or dark stain.. and add your stencil.  You wouldn't even have to do that... pumpkins, CROW (my favorite... I LOVE CROWS.. it must be from growing up on a farm) and how about some torn up, nasty looking, cheesecloth - for cobwebs? 

Then... at Christmas.. I love to decorate the back of chairs... or hang something off the spindle at the top.  This simple green wreath with a white ribbon and stocking work well with the "whitewash" theme.  We used to hang "elf hats" off our chairs at the store.  People would buy them like crazy!

We also hung sweet little berry wreaths... they love them too!

For some reason... I have this "bug in me" to find some different ways of packaging my patterns.  I don't know why...just want to do something clever and different.  Then you have to look at 1.  How is the store owner going to display them?  2.  Will the new packaging show  your pattern photo?  3.  Will the new packaging be able to stand up to damage?  4.  Can you make it so attractive that the customers will want to pay a little extra money...just to have the packaging to keep? 

See what I mean?  I haven't found all the answers yet... but I'm NOT giving up!  I'm on a mission... (I love "detective" missions...finding new's awesome fun!)

Aren't these sweet bags cute?  I just love them.... wouldn't they be cute as a folder?  hhhmmm... my mind is working here....

Then... I love the simplicity of packaging.  Sometimes it's just the perfect look...don't you think?  Packaging can be such a BRAND to a company!  Victoria Secret (pink bags)

I did find this sweet idea... I wanted to share with you in case you're doing some parties... They've taken a simple brown sleeve and added the napkin, straw and silverware.  Then stapled the salt and pepper to the front.  Now me... I would simply buy those pre-packaged ones...this is a bit too much work for me.  But the idea is adorable!  Fun to do with catering an outdoor wedding too.

I love birds, and jute twine!  Isn't that a bit strange?  (I have no clue why either..)  This simple little package makes me want to buy it... just to display.  I don't even care what's inside!!!  Don't you agree?

Well... you see my dilemma... and it's not getting resolved.  One day it will though... I will see it... and BAM.. there it is.  hhhmmm...wonder when that day will be?  (I'm ready for it now!)

My hubby is fixing breakfast... I can smell the bacon...yummmmmmmy.... Then we're going to do a little housework, then I'm sewing.  I MUST KEEP BUSY today or the day will drag on and on and on and on!!!

Here's your "aaaaawwwwwwww" picture for the day.  Isn't she (or he?) sweet... those eyes... they just dig at your heart don't they. 

We won't be chatting for everyone stay well, happy and I'll be with you on Tuesday morning, August 28 !!!!

Bon Voyage!!!!!  (can you hear the ship's horn?.... can you see the streamers flying over the side? tooooo bad they no longer do that anymore)


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