Monday, August 13, 2012

Soooooooooooooo.............  did everyone have a super weekend?  Mine was great!

I got lots done on my "to do" list... went to a movie, had was great.

Now... it's good old Monday morning again.  The weeks sure roll by fast don't they? 

Today I'm cutting out one of my quilt projects that will go with me on my Alaskan Cruise.  We leave on Saturday!!!!  So excited!  My husband is PACKED ALREADY!!!!!!!  Can you tell he's ready to go.  What a hoot he is...

We're going to leave early... pick up our friend, have a breakfast out... and then on to the airport.  I wonder if I will sleep a wink the night before?  Nope.. not me... when I'm excited...sleep is not coming to my little peepers!

Look what fun things I found over the weekend to share with you....

Aren't these cute?  You cut a hole in the bottom of an empty (clean) gallon milk jug.  Draw funny faces on the front of the jug - use permanent black marker, then work the tiny Christmas lights into each jug (while they are on the string - use low heat lights).  I think it's adorable and fun for kids to help you with.  Certainly is cheaper than buying all of those pumpkins...less messy... and it lasts forever! clever is this.  Sometimes a necklace just isn't long enough... here's a sweet way to extend it... add a coordinating beautiful ribbon to each end and tie into a bow!  Love it!!   I've also seen where they take this sweet (smaller) ribbon and tie bows to bracelets.  Very feminine!

Now this is clever!  These little place mats are stone tiles that you get from Lowes or Home Depot.  Isn't this clever.  What a sweet thing to use for a Garden Party or outdoor luncheon.  Isn't it amazing how clever people are?  I'm so awed by their creative minds!

This looks like my tumbler template!!!  These are so fast to make and so versatile.  Here's what we do... when we are all finished making a quilt... we gather any of the smaller scraps and cut tumblers out of them.  We have them in categories... I have reproduction, plaids, and pastels in groups.  Then...when you get enough cut - you are ready to make a small project as this one... or a big quilt... as this one on our pattern cover.

This is one of my favorite quilts... it's done with all reproduction fabrics... with many of them being from Judy Rothemel's "Dressing Gowns".  I sure wish she would reprint those or give us some new ones.  They were so wonderful to work with.  They coordinate with all reproductions fabric so well!

And... take a peak at this poor little fellow!!!  Kitties are so nosey!!! This one is in a bit of a mess... wouldn't you say?  It's like..."eeeeeekkkkkk... what in the heck do I do now??? gotta love this photo...!

Ok.... It's time for me to get busy on cutting out my quilt!!  Make the bed... get some more coffee...

Have a super day... get a bunch of FUN things done!


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