Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's time for some FALL FUN! 
I found this great list....  see what you think!

1.  Go Apple Picking and Bake an Apple Pie - I remember going to the apple orchard when we were little (Harold Wolfe's house...he went to school with us).  It was so wonderful to see hundreds of bushels of apples everywhere.  They smelled so scrumptious.  Then we would take them home and help mom make canned apples and applesauce!!  So... make an APPLE PIE this week.  Yum!
2.   Go on a Fall Picnic - fall is still pretty hot down here...but what fun it would be to go on a picnic...don't you think?  We used to picnic all the time when we were kids!  It was so much fun!
3.  Take a Drive to See the Autumn Foliage - well...good luck with that down here in Florida.  I'll tell you what... all of you gals and guys that live up North... will you take a drive for us and ooohhhh and aaaahhhh at the trees....'cause it just isn't happening down here!
4.  Celebrate Oktoberfest - we do have events here for Oktoberfest...doesn't it involve drinking a lot of beer?  Oh no... my mistake!!
5.  Carve lots of Pumpkins - now this we CAN do!  When was the last time you carved a pumpkin?
6.  Take a Nature Walk with a Camera - we can do this too!!!  Find a fun place to visit... take a walk on the beach... enjoy nature!
7.  Make some Hot Toddies - now this sounds pretty scrumptious.  I even love hot apple cider... don't you?  It feels so yummy going down your throat when it's cold outside!  (will it get cold here this year....?  I'm just sayin' ????)
8.  Plant Daffodil Bulbs for next Spring - once again...NOT....!!!  I sure wish we could have "bulb" plants grow here...but it's just too stinking hot.  Go to the store and buy some Daffodils for the spring...that's as close as it's going to be for us.
9.  Bake and Decorate Leaf Cut-out Cookies - Hey... WE CAN DO THIS ONE!  Don't you just love iced sugar cookies (Jill - where are you.... I know you could make us some of these!)  She used to bake cookies at the Olde Green Cupboard... man were they SO GOOD!!!  I'll take mine with orange icing please...!!!
10.  Host a Fall Dinner Party - and once again...this is do-able!  How long has it been since you've had friends over for dinner?  Now is your chance to cook them some yummy vittles!!!
11.  Decorate my Mantle with a Fall Theme!  - I love to decorate for the fall... I not only decorate my mantle but I also concentrate on a lovely fall display on the dining room table.  It's a perfect place for pumpkins and fall berries.
Sooooooooooooooooooo.................. are you getting into the FALL SPIRIT?   Can you just imagine the crisp air, the sound of leaves blowing in the yard, the smell of pumpkin pie?  I sure can and I'm ready... be gone HOT weather... it's time for crisp cool air (at least in the mornings).
My little friend below is peeking out to say... "HI !!"  I would say someone "naughty" stuck him in this pumpkin and put the lid on it!  Poor little kitty....

Have a happy day.... dig out your FALL decorations and FALL recipes... it's time !!

Happy Thursday to all of you!


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