Friday, August 10, 2012

It's FRIDAY!!!! 

I just want everyone to know...that my house appears to have had a bomb hit it!  How in the heck does it get so untidy so fast?  Now...don't get me wrong.. I'm a good housekeeper... however, I'm not sure what has happened over the past few days.  I just walked through with a cup of coffee and started laughing!  I know where my kids got it from me.  HA!  I guess it's really not that bad - a few minutes of straightening and it will be as good as new.

Well, my little Lexie lost her FIRST TOOTH yesterday.  It was hanging on for dear life but finally gave in.  She looked like "Snaggle Tooth" there for awhile.  She doesn't want to give her tooth to the tooth fairy...she want's to keep them (not sure why???).  What a kook!  Heck...not me...I wanted the money.  She may change her mind.  Her other front tooth is loose too...soon she will be lisping!  HA!!

For those of you living in the Jacksonville area, Georgia, Alabama, North/South Carolina... come on down this September to our annual Quiltfest Show - September 20 - 22.  If you have a guild... or if you just want to arrange for a bus trip... come on and do it!  This is a great show and SUPER vendors.  They have vendors from all over the country... so don't miss it.  It's in the beautiful Prime Osborn Center in Downtown Jacksonville.  Make a trip for the entire weekend... once you've seen the show - you must go to St. Johns Town Center for shopping.  It's the absolute BEST!  or... take a drive to the beach...get a little sun and have some FUN!!!  You can visit the Quiltfest website for more information:

I thought this was such a cute idea..  The parents kept every "Santa" want list from their son.  When he was ready to move out of the house with his own family... they inserted each one into a clear glass ornament and wrote the year on the bulb.  Now he can take them to his house for their family tree.  It's fun to read them and see what the "hot" toy was for that year.  How sweet!

Look at this beautiful wool applique piece they've attached to the "bib" of their fireplace mantel.  Isn't that so pretty?  I would hate to leave it there while the fire is burning (smell to smokey)... but you could attach it with Velcro and simple remove it when you have a fire going.  Love it!

Now you know how we all tend to collect things.... well let me tell you ... this is the most interesting collection I've ever seen - antique Rug Beaters.  There is some "buckos" hanging here girlfriends..... FOR SURE.  These are very expensive..  I think it's stunning!
Surely is a conversation peace isn't it?  Wish they could talk and tell us where they lived and how old they are? 

I thought these sweet wool flowers would be perfect to show you.  My friend, Katie, could make them in a heartbeat.  I'd love to have a big bouquet of them sticking from an old glass jug!

I showed this picture to Lexie... she's been wanting bunk beds for her and Eden and her little girlfriends!  Well...she was jumping all over because she loved it!  Yea...who wouldn't?  So Cool!.... sure wish I would have had beds like this when I was the age of these kids.  I love the steps up the middle!


Look at this poor little fellow.... He's feeling so sad 'cause he ATE HIS MASTER'S SHOE!!!  (((sniffle)))  He looks so pitiful!




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