Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hi Everyone!!

Wow...what a great trip....!  Vicky and I arrived home yesterday from visiting our friend in Vermont and it was a super-great trip.  I had forgotten how beautiful Vermont and it's luscious GREEN mountains and misty valleys are.  If you've never been there, you simply must go.  It's like stepping into another world.  The weather was SUNNY, a little breezy, NO HUMIDITY, and the temperature was in the low 80's.  Simply perfect.  I guess the part I love the most are the MOM & POP stores!  They are everywhere in the quaint parts of town.  They block off entire streets - NO CARS - and you walk to do your shopping. 

Now...don't get me wrong - they have the popular shops and big box stores - but the way they have them nestled in between the privately owned businesses - makes them seem NOT so big.  It's just simply lovely...the whole package! 

The area we were in is a BIG bicycle part of the state.  Bicycles, families, hikers...everywhere - and the best part - it did NOT scream tourism at all!  They have VERY STRICT sign ordinance regulations.  NO BILLBOARDS or large screaming signs... everything made to specifications and out of wood AND if it's a metal sign - the colors have to blend with the town atmosphere.  Cool huh?

Here's some gorgeous flowers from our friend's yard.  OMG were they awesome!


We had a great time visiting and catching up!!!  Lunch was yummy - fresh, homemade egg salad sandwiches from her chickens!!  Those were the best ever eggs!

So... now that I'm home... it's time to get caught up on my designing, sewing, and GETTING READY FOR OUR ALASKA CRUISE!  Now... let me tell's not any better than this.

August 18 we fly to Seattle, spend the night, and then the next day - get on our ship!  Heartspun Quilts and Kansas Trouble Quilts are partnering up and hosting this great cruise.  My girlfriend Merryanne is going with us... !!  My hubby was in the Navy for 20 years and did MANY cruises...but this is his first time on a luxury boat.  Heck...he won't know what hit him!

While we are at sea - Merryanne and I will be in our classes sewing while Jack enjoys the ship and visiting with the other husbands that are going too.  There are 34 of us (plus many hubbies) - a great size group.  I can't wait.  I must remember to order my "sea-sick" patches or I will be upchucking all over the ship.  I would HAVE NOT made a good sailor!  Now Jack... it doesn't bother him at all... nope... never sick a day at sea!  And you should see some of the photos he took of the rough seas!  Can you say BARF!!

So...Heather and I are going to work on our website this morning - then I'm going to go visit with the girls at Cinnamon's for awhile.... you know.. you have to catch up - see what everyone is making!

Tomorrow we should be back on track with fun things to chat about from my Pinterest "treasures"!

Have a super day... get a bunch of things done... but HAVE FUN!

Hey... better yet...take a nap like this sweet thing is doing!

It must be a great dream...she's smiling!

Chat tomorrow...


p.s.  Missed you!

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