Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi Everyone!

We are in for a treat the next few days... Lexie will be staying with us.  Heather and Keck are going on a church camping trip... about 40 of them to the mountains.  What fun for them.  Lexie... however, is a little under the weather.  She's got a little cough and is pretty "tired".  However, she did manage to eat some of Grandpa's sausage and pancakes last night... ha! 

She has a VERY loose tooth (right in the front) and I'm sure it may be OUT before mom and dad get home!  We'll have to send them a picture!  Her first tooth - I remember those days when the kids lost their teeth.  It was pretty traumatic until it was out and then they thought it was pretty cool!

Today is going to be a lazy day - I think!  A little couch "cuddling" and watching some movies.  I did get two of my "tasks" finished I'm making headway on my list.

Hey... look at this!

This is a rug they are braiding and they are inserting LED tub lights in it!  How cool is that?  Can't you just see these out on your porch?  I would think it would have to lay where it's not going to get walked on a lot.  Don't you think?

Isn't this sign sweet?  How cute would it be hanging in a master suite bedroom?

And then there is this BEAUTIFUL pillow!  I fell in love with this thing!  I've just found some awesome "tape" that you can iron on the back of your fabric - pull the threads - and you instantly have ruffles... no more fighting with my ruffler for these smaller projects.  I can't wait to try this!

I think I'll use some pastel fabric... make each ruffle different... with sweet buttons. 

Then.. I loved these dishtowels.  The article said they found them for a $1.00 each and decided to dress them up and give them as little housewarming gifts.  She simply machine stitched a little binding on them.  How cute!  I know it's extra work for a dish towel... but it sure means a lot to the hostess when they know you made them something special....don't you think?

I love these old spoons that have been bent for napkin rings.  I've also seen where they use these on the windows for curtain tie-backs.  The fact they are all different makes them even more charming.

Lavender....I simply love it.  It's so petite and feminine... plus it smells so good.  These sweet little burlap cones are easy to make and so precious.  How lovely to make one of these for each table setting - place them on their dinner plate as a little gift.

mmmmmmmmmmmm  I smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing.  Soon, I'm sure Grandpa will have breakfast cooking!  It's getting light outside - time to get going with my day. 

Now... this is a different way to pet a kitty!  Just get out the paint roller!  HA!!!!!

Have a super day!!!  pppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........


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