Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Let's see... I think today is Tuesday... yep... it's Tuesday.   I still have to cut out my kit... I was a bit on the "tardy" side - not getting it done.  That seems to be happening more often these days... hhhmmm... I wonder what's up with that?

How come the days before you are going on a big trip seem to just drag by?  Don't you find that to be so true?  ARG!!!!

Okay... let's see what I found for you today!

See these bags... these are awesome.  One of the gals I sew with (Ruth) came in one week and showed them to us.  ONLY... she was adding a fabric binding all around the outer edge.  Then she used them to hold her quilting projects!  Where oh where can you find these?  I know... I know... !!

Target - in the area where they have the ironing board covers, etc.  The best part is... guess how much they cost... JUST GUESS!!!   Got a figure in mind?  You're going to be so happy... they are only $1.50 !!!  Isn't that so cool?  I've already made 4 of them. 

Here's what you do... when you make your binding for your quilts - make extra.  I normally make at least a yard more...then I save all of them for my binding on scrappy quilts.  Now you can use it for these!  make sure you use 2 1/2" cuts for your binding so it covers all of the white edge tape.  They are great fun and super for little gifts for your girlfriends.  I put the binding on 3 or 4 at a time and stitch on them while I'm watching TV or for long rides in the car.

I saw how they made these yummy cookies... by putting two of them together with filling on the inside.  Now... this - my friends - is a GREAT WAY to automatically eat TWO cookies - you know... instead of being polite and only taking ONE when someone shares with you.

Guess what else is good - especially for little ones?  Our mom made these for us all the time.  She would make icing (from scratch...they didn't have canned frosting back then... UGH!) - chocolate was our favorite...then put a glob between two graham crackers.  Then... seal them up tight and put them in the refrigerator.  They were so scrumptious really, really cold...especially on a hot summer's day after playing outside all day.

Try them for your little ones and see if they don't love them (as much as you will...I'm sure).

Now... this is something I remember doing when I was little and it appears as though little girls just don't play with paper dolls like we did.  For hours and hours we would change their clothes... pretend like they were talking to each other... you know...using the imagination!  The best kid of PLAY. 

Remember Betsy from the McCall magazine?  We couldn't wait for mom's magazine to come in the mail so we could cut her out and play with her.  Ahhhh.... those were the days!

Look at this cleaver hamper!  I'm in love with this thing.  They've taken screens and attached them to one of those 4 wheel dollies.  Now the clothes inside can air out!!!  No stinky stuff or mildew..  I think it's pretty darn clever!

Now...this is genius and I wish I would have thought about it.  They have completely taken apart an inexpensive fan, taped up the inside motor portion and spray painted it pink!  Isn't it adorable?  They did say to make sure you use paint that is good on plastic (casing of the fan) and to practice the spraying on newspaper to be sure you have the right thickness.  There is an art to spray can painting...   Then to top it off... they took the RED gum dispenser and painted it pink to match.  How stinkin' clever!!

I thought this was a really cute technique.  They've made 2-sided circles, folded them in this manner, overlapped them and stitched them into the seam.  I'm sure it would be a good idea to use your walking foot since there are so many layers to stitch through.  Isn't it cute?  Adorable...simply adorable!  I think I may try this technique on something!


Guess what these are?  Yep.... they are chocolate chip cookies that are baked in your WAFFLE IRON!  Fast and easy to do! You are to spray your waffle iron GOOD with PAM or whatever brand you use.  Place a FULL teaspoon of dough on the grids - leaving space between and cook!  Keep an eye on them so they won't burn... since every waffle iron cooks differently.

(I really could pop this in my mouth right now!)

And...here's your "cutie" picture for the day... I don't think this kitten is especially happy with this baby!  Don't you love the caption?  Ha!  Too funny!

Well... hope your day is great and you too have chocolate chip cookies and a Kit-Kat!  Chat tomorrow...


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