Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is sewing day with my buddy Merryann!  I'm not sure what we are working on today... but I think I have 4 more blocks to finish on my Christmas quilt..then I can begin assembling the entire quilt together.  I can't wait to see it all finished.  Once it's quilted... I have a bit of handwork to finish up on the applique blocks... you know.. more stitching, adding buttons (for some reason my quilters don't like buttons on quilts when they are on the long arm machine... go figure... HA!).

I'm so excited to tell you that I finished a NEW PROJECT!  YES... I made my dishrag...

Here it is... it's an entire ball of Peaches n Cream cotton yarn!  I used the entire ball on my first one to see if it's the size I like.  It could be a little smaller... so with my second one that I have started... I'm going to make it a little smaller.  I LOVE DOING THIS!!  It's so fast.  You can visit my blog post from yesterday and find out more about it.

Vicky and I just submitted another project for the Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine.  It's for the winter edition.  They asked designers that were "sister" or "family" teams to be in this issue.  I simply can't wait to see what everyone has designed!  It's just like Christmas opening the magazine and seeing what everyone has done.

We designed a HUGE body Christmas pillow in wool applique.  It looks adorable lying across your bed... or to use in the living room for the kids while watching tv.  Hope you like it.  Be sure to get your issue at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop.  Or you can subscribe from the magazines website: 

Look what else is cool!!!  I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old wheelbarrows!  I think it must have come from living on the farm.. we used them all of the time... to haul wood, in the garden, in the yard... in the orchard... they are just so handy.  Now... this is a beautiful, simple and lovely site.  A Christmas tree in an old GREEN wheelbarrow.

Now... I happen to have a child's wheelbarrow... the little style that is metal... remember them?  Well let me tell you how adorable they are filled with your holiday specialities.... at your front door.. or mine is small so I can use it on my large dining room (primitive) table.  Fill it full of pumpkins, leaves, gourds, and berries in the fall... along with an adorable pumpkin doll.  Then at Christmas.. I use it with my antique ornaments and greenery... with old snowmen and Santa's.  I just love them... look... I just found this small one on eBay.  Keep your eye open for them.. they are wonderful to decorate with!  You're gonna want one... I just know it!!

Then... look at these wonderful tin stars - trimmed in red wood.  They were hanging on a fence in the front yard of a home.  Then with the added snow... it just screams Americana doesn't it?  LOVE IT!

I sure would like these!  hhhmmm... wonder where they came from.  I sure wish I could talk my hubby into getting out his saws, etc.  I could have more projects for him than he could ever imagine. 

Then... I saw this awesome antique mold made into an ornament.  Isn't it sweet?  I'd even like a few red berries tucked in with those holly leaves.  I always look for these when antiquing.  The really old ones are so hard to find!  Of course... I never seem to want to find things that are easily found!  What's up with that?

This antique matchbox holder was shown hanging beside a chalkboard.  They keep all of their chalk in it... so it's easy to find when they need it.  I've always had an attraction to matchbox holders.  I'm thinking my grandparents must have had these... both sets of grandparents either had wood burning fireplaces or pot belly stoves (wow...that makes me sound ancient doesn't it...)

I've also seen them hanging on walls with adorable arrangements popping out of the tops of them.

One last sweet picture for you....  Is this little fellow not pathetic looking... poor baby!  I can't tell if he's sad because of being all wet... or that your umbrella is broken!!!  He needs to be snuggled in a nice warm towel and given some warm milk!

Time to get ready for my sewing day!!

Hope you have a super-dooper day and get LOTS DONE!!

Chat tomorrow!


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