Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ok... I'm just here to tell you that my brain is on overload!!!  I've been working on my patterns, thinking of new designs, getting my priorities in the right order.... eeeekkkkk!!!!  My list of ideas and things to do is spilling over!!  aaahhhh... isn't life GRAND!!!

I'm sure most of you know by now how much I love "Annies"!  I just think they are must be from my childhood.  I do remember playing with one.... looking at her little heart on her chest.  So... I'm thinking I must have had one.

Now this poor little thing...she looks like she's been drug behind a tractor...doesn't she?  She's had a little surgery.. (face lift maybe?)  but .... how can you not love that face... even though it's a bit creepy looking.  So sad... if she could only talk and tell us how this all happened!

I also LOVE antique Teddy Bears!  Look at this little fellow with his best friend... giving HIM a great big HUG!  I found a sweet mohair teddy bear in our local antique shop.  She had on the sweetest little calico dress.  Gosh.. I wanted her!  However, she was just too stinkin' expensive... so I had to say Good-Bye to her (in the locked glass case).  I did stop in there the other day - walked up to the case to see her - AND SHE WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I wonder where she's living now.)


Ok...I hate to tell you this...but my computer is acting up!!  It's not wanting to download any keeps giving me a message "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post.  Please try again."  That's pretty scary isn't it?  (gosh...there are some days I HATE computers...)

I'm's time to sign off... before I loose everything!  SO... I'll catch up with you with more postings tomorrow morning! 

Have a super day.... So sorry about the glitches!


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