Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I sure hope everyone had a great July 4!!  We did... we had a yummy barbecue of steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, stuffed mushrooms, seafood dip/crackers, and for dessert we had key lime pie and cheesecake with blueberry and strawberry topping!  YUMMY!!!  Then we just  hung out all day and visited!  Great relaxing time.

This morning I have some orders to fill and mail...then it's time to gather up my projects and head to Cinnamon's for sewing day!  I'm taking knitting and crocheting today... I'm finishing up my second sock!  Yippee... I want to get them done in time to take to Alaska next month.  PLUS... I have a new sock pattern to try.  You use stretchy yarn and make a tube sock look... no fancy stuff.  It looks like it should go pretty darn fast... (which I love). 

I have projects in their little bags...lined up on my cutting table.  Working on them in order of importance so they GET FINISHED!  I've simply got too many of them going at one time and I'm on a mission to finish. 

So....what do I do.... get some more when I was in Wisconsin.  I just can't help myself... know what I mean?  ("Of course you do...hahahahahaha!")

I found some cool stuff to chat about today... hope you like it!

I thought this was down right interesting.  The reason for our using dryer sheets is to NOT only have the clothes smell good...but to prevent static clean.  They say if you wad up a big hunk of aluminum foil and put it in your does the same thing... and you can use it over an over!  Has anyone tried this?  I'm going to... heck... what a great way to save money!  If you use great smelling laundry soap - you won't need the scented dryer sheets.  Plus...did you know they can eventually clog up your airflow screen in  your dryer?  You are supposed to remove it completely from they dryer and wash with soap and water.  It causes air restriction from that waxing feeling when you touch the sheets...

Now this is just down right genius!  One thing I can't stand is a bug flying around my glass when I'm outside!  Even use this method on your coke cans... you can drink  your soda from a straw.  We all know bugs are attracted to sugar (can't say as I blame the little creepie things) so this stops them from landing on the edge of your glass (where you may put your lips..... GAG!!!) or from falling in the liquid itself (where I'm sure they feel as though they are in HEAVEN!)

They make the most adorable cupcake papers these days.  Have you ever looked at all of them in Joann's Etc or Michaels?  OMG.... one after another are adorable! 

Plus...look what else you can do with cute cupcake papers!  They've taken two different sizes and simply folded them over the top of a bag and secured with a little tag.  Isn't this cute?

Ahhhhh... Weather Vanes !!  I adore them.  Especially if they are the old antique ones.  This picture may be a bit blurry...but I think it's very clever how they have hung them on the wall.  It can appear to be a bit "much" but the concept of collecting these sweet things is what I love.  Can't you just see one of these on an old barn.  "I'm in love!"

Now...this is a SUPER SMART IDEA.  How many times do we get a cold and end up blowing our noses a million times?  I normally get a small paper bag for them but this is pretty darn handy.  Plus with the plastic still in the opening it can prevent those nasty germs from floating all over the place.

I thought this was a clever solution.  They say if you place a small amount of coin in the bottom of your bird bath - it will prevent algae from growing!  I've NEVER seen this done.  However, if you think about it... I wonder if that's why all of these wishing wells stay so algae free?  Hmmm... if I had a bird bath - I could give this a try.  BUT - there are no bird baths in my yard... only bird feeders and squirrel posts with corn and peanuts!

Look at this pygmy owl!!  Isn't he a creature of beauty.  That's another question I'm asking when I get to Heaven... how did you know to create life so beautiful?  Where did you learn about color?  God is going to be pretty busy with me... so on the day of my death... just plan on taking a vacation from the Heavenly sky for awhile!  He'll be wanting to send me back!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

It's time to get my pattern orders filled, hit the shower, and eat some breakfast.  Have a super day and stay cool!  (It's bloody hot here!)


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