Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hi Everyone!!! 

I'm alive and back in Jacksonville... somewhat feeling like a zombie...but I'm up this morning!

What a wonderful, super-dooper trip we had to Wisconson.   You know... it should be against the law to see such beautiful country... and REAL trees.. - the BIG OAK and MAPLE trees... I sure miss them. 

I don't even know where to start... it was such a blast!  We had a bunch of gals leave here from Jacksonville - all on ONE plane TOGETHER!  We did behave ourselves...ha!

Once we got to Milwaukee - we rented two vans.  A dodge (for the luggage) and a 15 passenger van for all of us.  What a hoot that was!  As long as you were riding over the wheel base it wasn't too bad...however, if you were in the very back and I hit a bump... I could see their little heads bobbing up and down like they were riding a bucking bronco!  Katie (the youngest of our group) was so  sweet and crawled back there most of the time.  I could see her cute smiling face through the rearview mirror and her curly hair bouncing all over the place!  Thanks Katie for being our back seat trooper!!

We then drove about 2 hours to Primitive Gatherings Retreat!!!  aaahhh....what a wonderful place.  This year was exciting for me...they had completed GORGOUS new landscaping and it was sooooo pretty!

We shopped until we the Primitive Gatherings store and in their warehouse.  They had just returned from a show and was getting ready for another one in July.  They always preset their booth, restock, and then it's all ready to set up when they arrive at their new booth.  We got to actually shop from their though we were at the show.  What fun!!! 

We also went to JJ Stitches and Country Sampler Quilts !!!  OMG!!!  It was to die for... I'll pass on more information tomorrow with my photos!

At the moment... I must get some coffee - unpack - and get some things done here at the house.  So stay with me this week for updated photos and more "stories" from our fabulous trip!

Thanks so much to Nancy Dey (retreat hostess) and to Lisa and Nick for a fabulous time!

Chat tomorrow...


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