Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Thursday.......

Look what I found!!!  Is this not cool?  I want this in my sewing studio...and it's so easy to make.  Now.. if I can just talk my hubby into building it!  hhhmmm.... that could be a challenge.  I like that you can walk all the way around this table.  Can't you just see it with sweet baskets on the shelves - full of goodies... one for rulers, one for rotary cutters, one for thread, one for my paper piecing... you can see where this is going can't you?  The coolest thing... you can paint it any color you want... or multiple colors! 

I think it's so wonderful when things are "re-purposed" - don't  you?  Here they've taken these harp back chairs and will be switching it out for a new bench.  Add a board and then paint.  I can just see a beautiful fabric with some tufting buttons and a ruffle that hangs down a bit.  I'm ready to make it now!!!

Look at this stack of quilts.  So Yummy... I just want to give them a big HUG!  Love the color palette all together don't you?  I can remember when mommy used to hang the linens out on the clothesline to dry... they would whip in the wind... I loved the sound.  All fresh and smelling so clean.  I love the memory of the yummy smell when you crawled into bed at night and snuggled under the covers.  aaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......

I think this is so clever.  They have removed the center of the pumpkins and set mum pots down inside.  So "fallish" and pretty.  There is just something wonderful about mums in the fall!!

Look how adorable this is... they've placed votive candles in these awesome pumpkins and gourds.  I think this is so pretty.  I MUST do this .... Fall is just around the corner you know.

This process is to keep your pumpkins from molding and rotting so quick.  I know you can buy this spray... but I found a recipe on Pinterest that you can use to.  They say to "Spray a mixture of bleach and water on the inside of your fresh pumpkin daily or coat the inside with petroleum jelly to keep mold and dehydration at bay."'s worth a try...don't you think?  I think I'll go with the petroleum jelly.  I KNOW FOR A FACT I would NOT spray everyday.... NOT!

Isn't this a sweet table mat?  It's full of little sheep.... bbbbaaaaa... perfect for My B-a-a-a-d Girls Club... don't you think?

Now... for those of you that are lucky enough to live in COLD, COLD country.. you can do this!  They have taken food coloring and added to water.  Then you fill up a balloon and tie.  Place in your freezer.  Then when you want to decorate for the holiday.. or a party... remove from the freezer and peel off the balloon.  You have these pretty GIANT ice balls to decorate your yard.  Isn't this cool?  I know kids would love them.

Hey... Paula and I just found Rowenta irons on that are ON SALE!  They normally list for $100.00 and they are now $69.00 PLUS you get a Mary Ellen's Best Press - NO sales tax and FREE shipping.  The best part of all - IT DOESN'T SHUT OFF!  Man I hate irons that keep turning off.  I simply want to throw the thing across the room... pretty violent don't you think?  It's just one of those pet-peeves that I can't handle.  Kind of the same as going to your closet to hang something up and there are no stinkin' hangers!!!  Where do they all go?  I ask you... I just don't understand how they disappear!  Those little gremlins must be stealing them at night and taking them up in the attic somewhere...hhhmmm.....

Ok... it's time to get around.  I've been playing all morning and this posting is already "late" for some of you that like to read it with your morning coffee (sorry)!  Paula and I are having lunch with our friend Janet today.  She's Lisa Aggas's best buddie... met her years ago and haven't seen her in years.  She's been living in China (I think) with her hubby and has recently moved back to the states and lives here in the Houston area.  Lisa... I'll give her a hug for you!

I have an early flight tomorrow morning... so we won't be able to chat.  I'll be back with you on Monday.  It's time to go home (sniffle...sniffle...) and get to work on my patterns and quilting.

Have a super weekend.

Chat with you soon!


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