Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Sewing Day!

I love Thursdays... sewing with friends is the absolute BEST - isn't it?  Today I'm headed to Cinnamon's for a day of rest and relaxation and yacking!! (that's the best part...the socializing).  Although I learned that my sock instructor - is in the hospital!  I'm calling her this morning to check on her... her sister thinks she will be released today.  How sad... she loves Thursday sewing and she won't be with us!! Boo Hoo!  We love you K... get well soon!

Well, good news... we have made contact with our potential partner on Heather's bears and critters!  Keep your fingers crossed this works out for both she and them!  Hey... look at this wonderful picture of  Heather.  They recently took it of her at the photography school she attended not long ago.  So pretty.. .love you sweet girl!!

Hey... remember when I talked about wheelbarrows?  Look what other beautiful photo I found of them.  Now.. .how could anyone resist these flowers!  Oh So pretty!!  The best part is...when they all die off... just dump the entire contents and start over.  Makes for fast and easy cleanup!!

Now this is darn clever.  If you want to pipe two different colors of icing onto something... fill TWO SEPARATE icing bags with icing - butter cream and chocolate.  Then insert BOTH of them into one bag with tip attached to the coupling.  Now when you squeeze - both come out at the same time!  Cool huh?  Now me... I would have tried to get this icing into one bag and had a stinkin' MESS!!
People are so darn hurts the brain sometimes.

Has anyone ever tried this?  They say if you wrap the end stem of the bananas in saran wrap it delays them over ripening too fast!  I just normally buy a smaller number of bananas... however, I think this might be worth a try.  I hate it when you buy them and end up throwing them out because they are overripe... AND... I'm to lazy to make banana bread.  Of course I could freeze them right?  DUH.. .just thought of that! 

I'd rather just eat it at Bob Evans.... already made and already yummy!  You can even buy loaves to bring home.  Now that's my kind of baking!

I just had to show you this photo... I scanned it into my computer.  This is Vicky and I when we were in grade school... I'm not sure of our age.  Mom had just made these sweet dresses... we were going to see our Grandpa... he had been sick.  We're holding little stuffed panda bears that we had just gotten from the Old Settler's Day Fair in our little hometown.  Remember the little bamboo canes with the attached toy?  That's what we used to get for a treat.  I loved those dresses... they were a real soft yellow...  Can you tell little girls wore their dresses shorter back then?  woooooiiiieee... wish I was still this skinny! 

Take a peak at my pretty coasters! Yep... I made these...easy as pie!  They go really, really fast too.  I'm showing them to my friends today.  They make such a great little gift for hostesses!  I made all of them while watching a movie!  The color isn't real clear... they are a soft buttercup yellow, green and chocolate brown.  I used Peaches n Cream cotton yarn so they can be washed!

Time for some awesome quilts!  Look at this picture... is it not beautiful.  What a great shot...

Isn't it amazing how a simple 9-Patch can look so warm and inviting when put with the proper colors.  I especially love how they used the two shades of blue and by proper placement... made a background with an interesting pattern.  Once you stare at this for awhile... you see different blocks that appear in the background.  It's wonderful!

I laugh to myself... every time I see a quilt put together on point!  My friend, Paula... she loves "on-point" quilts and she designs many of them.  Just think how plain and ordinary these blocks would be if they were on a horizontal setting!  See Paul... you ARE RIGHT!  On point is prettier!

And this little number just makes me plain happy!  The colors are so cheerful...against the white-white background.  Lordy.... look at the number of pieces in this block OMG!!!  No... on second thought... DON'T COUNT!  It's better that way. is your sweet photo of the day.  Doesn't this look like my Aubree???  It's not.. .but I just love the big pink bow (or blue if you have a boy) with the tag - From God.  How precious is that?

Ok...that does it for me today... I need to jot down an idea I thought about this morning laying in bed!  That's when I get my best thinking done... my mind is on fire that early in the morning.  Gosh.. I wish it was like that all the time.

Hugs to all... have fun sewing today!

Thanks for your prayers for Heather and her "critters"!  They are working!!!


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