Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a happy Monday morning... aaaahhh... life is good.  I'm sitting in Paula's AWESOME sewing studio while everyone is still snoozing away... except for Paula... she's like me... up before the crack of dawn.  She's waiting for the sun to come up so she can go for a walk (she loves to walk).  You should see how skinny this chick is getting... before long...she will be a stick!!!

My flight was quit amusing.  Jacksonville to Atlanta - I was SO FORTUNATE to sit among an entire team of Rugby players.  They were going back to New York...lost their game with us (yippee).  Well, needless to say..they had a pretty awesome evening the night before (booze played a big part of the evening) and they were still in rare form.  Two of the young men... well..let's just say - their Momma would not have been very proud of them!!!!  They were bad mouthing the owner of the team...that was sitting right with them!  Wow...what an experience.

Then the second hitch wasn't much better.  I had this chick sitting beside me that just seemed to think that part of my seat was hers!  She couldn't sit still...wiggling all over the place... fell asleep and then proceeded to smack me with her elbow - SEVERAL TIMES!!  Wow...was I happy that 1 hour and 40 minutes was finished. was all over and there was Paula and all was well! 

We went to this awesome antique shop - OH MY GOSH!!  Girls...I'm not kidding... I could have spend at least $5,000 in that joint.  Furniture... awesome mirrors.... I WANTED IT ALL!

Look at Paula's two sweet babies!!

This is sweet Claire.... What a face this little girl has!!!  She was dancing on the floor...wanting her dinner!!

This is Teddy... .he's the old man in the house... I tried to get him to look at me...but he was just to tired to pick up his sweet head!

This is her kitchen!  It is gorgeous... and her hubby (JR) is an awesome cook.  Last night he fixed smoked shrimp (OMG!) and fish tacos.  sooooooooooooo good!!!

I'll show you more pictures of her house during this week...just to tease you a bit!

Hey... look at this gorgeous quilt.  You know... (I've said this before... )  You just can't beat a two color quilt.... Red and White or Blue and White are my all time favorites... then a simple cross grid quilting..aaahhhh... simply wonderful!

Then... I've always loved the Cake Stand block.
Isn't it so sweet in this pink and white quilt?

Hey... I remember these!  My mommy used to do this... she would embroidery pillowcases and then crochet sweet little bindings on them.  I think I need to do this too!  Thanks to my friend Merryanne, I now know how to make the "french seam" pillowcases.  Cathy P. showed me years ago...but you know.. the brain just didn't remember. I'm going to be a pillowcase nut... it was so much fun.  I've already bought fabric to make Eden and Lexie a Halloween (cute candy corn) and Christmas pillowcase.  Something special... "memories" from GG!! (Grandma Gloria)

See this bed?  I want it!!!  I just think it's so cool.  Can't you just see it with a yummy shabby chic quilt, yummy pin stripe bed skirt and cute ruffled pillows on it?  WAH!!!!  How come I can never find these treasures when I'm out antique shopping?  It's JUST NOT FAIR!!!

Now this is a cool wool "Penny Coin" mat!  YUMMY!!!  I love the colors they've chosen...don't you?  The binding around the edge is so cute...  I like the idea of them attaching the coins to fabric...not wool.  It has a small pattern in the fabric which makes the mat look even more antique.

And here is your "silly" little "happy" photo for the morning!!

"".... I can't get up!!!  The look on that face... is pure flight... it looks as though he's thinking...."do I try to keep going... or should I let go?"  HA... Poor Baby!!!

Well... it's time for another cup of coffee and then get busy on my patterns!  I learned tons of new things yesterday and it's time to use them again... or I'LL FORGET... know what I mean?

Chat tomorrow... with more pictures!


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