Monday, July 30, 2012


How was your weekend?  Mine was both sad and great!  Sad - I had to leave Paula's house and fly home.  At least the flight home was MUCH better than the one going to Texas.... no Rugby teams and no one next to me smacking me with their elbow while they were napping!

Gosh.. what a great time I had with Paula, her mom, and hubby!  PLUS... I learned so much.. my head is spinning!  (to add to my dizziness already...hahahahaha!)  Then.. when I got home I was with my B-a-a-a-a-d Girls Club for TWO WONDERFUL DAYS!  What a great group of gals.  They are all crazy and nuts... I enjoy them so much!  They made fun pin cushions with ric rac, wool, and buttons.'s Monday and this week I'm on a mission (one of many..) to make a list, prioritize, and start checking things off.  Have you noticed I make lots of lists... geeze Louise... what's up with that.  I think I picked up this process from my honey!  He has lists for everything... you'll see little yellow notepads lined up on the kitchen counter.  "BUY", "GROCERY", " TO DO", etc.  What a hoot!  AND... they have to be written so he can put a check mark beside each finished task.  I like to cross things off...but he's a "check-mark" man!  Ha... what a cutie!

I've decided I'm moving into my galvanized, industrial, metal, enamel  phase of my life.  Weird huh?  You'll see why when you look at my postings today!  (I wonder if my internal body is lacking "iron" you think that's why I'm drawn to the metal look?  hahahahaha!  I know...sick joke huh?)

See this bad boy?  Well...let me tell you... these things (double boilers) are awesome.  I remember one time we bought a HUGE one at the auction.  It was more like 3 times this size.  I took it to Finns' Brass & Silver Co. and they polished it up.  OH MY GOSH... it was the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen.  He said he had been in the polishing business for over 30 years and he had never seen one this big.  I sold that thing INSTANTLY and for a super-dooper price.  If I remember correctly they were going to put it by their fireplace to hold wood.  It was something else!  A once in a lifetime purchase.

Now...these buckets... LOVE THEM!  This must be from living on the farm when we were kids.  Daddy used these for everything...grain, take water to the hunting dogs, pick strawberries, fill full of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, green beans, peas, etc. from the garden.  Wish I had a dollar for every one of these I've hauled around in my life. 

Well... I still love them!  Look how awesome this one is filled full of funky pumpkins and gourds.  Buckets...another one of my "crazy loves" !!!

Then... we have enamel - oh my - BE STILL MY HEART!  Now these two have come from the farm.  I remember Grandma Grunawalt using them to make sausage from the pigs they would butcher.  I can still remember them pumping the sausage into the casings and this entire pan would be full of YUMMY, pork sausage! 

Look how they have these gorgeous flowers and plants.  PERFECT for little herb gardens.  They they have a cute little fencing piece tucked in the back - looks like a little picture hanging on the fence...with a pretty plate tucked inside.  Now... you tell me... "how sweet is this"?  I want one of these!!  (Susan A - this reminds me of you SO MUCH!!)

And then...along came the chicken feeder or for water!  I remember having these in the store.  How people loved them.  They are so much fun to decorate with.  Normally they are really, really long... but once in awhile - you will find shorter ones.  If you do - BUY IT!  They are so hard to find... and so wonderful.  Look at this one filled with flowers.  How pretty is this? 

Then... we have the best of the best!!!  Awesome watering cans.  I want these steps, handrail, watering cans, flowers... I want it all.  How sweet and pretty... and so easy to take care of!  Just change out the flowers with the season.  These would be wonderful with daisies, mums, poinsettias... you name it.  Flowers rock... especially when they are in a watering can.  By the way... if you find them at antique stores or flea markets with the spray attachment still on the spout - BUY IT!  They will cost you more money...but they are so worth it.  Most of them have gotten separated and lost with time - so when it's with the can... it's even MORE special!

All right... I guess that's enough "metal" for the day.  It's time to get BUSY and be productive!

Everyone have a fun day... get  a bunch of things done.... I'll chat with you tomorrow....

Here's a "belly laugh" for you!  Too funny!!


Hugs to all!!!


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