Thursday, July 12, 2012


Have you ever had one of those nights when you are so tired...but you just can't go to sleep?  Every part of your brain is pooped.. but you swear every part of your body either aches, itches or just feels like it can't lay still?  Well, welcome to my world - my night of July 11, 2012! 

Oh my gosh... it was the pits!  I think I finally fell asleep around 3:00 am - even went to bed at 9:00 pm... right in the middle of my favorite show "So You Think You Can Dance"!  Now that's something for me.  I'll finish watching it this morning... Geeze Louise.. I'm taking drugs tonight - I WILL SLEEP!! 

On to better things.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  no... no... I'm awake... just kidding!  HA!

Yesterday I met with my friend Carol - which I haven't seen in FOREVER!  She's still as cute as ever and full of energy.  We met at Panera's... had a scone and coffee... and talked and talked...then before we knew it..we were hungry... so had a bite of lunch...then talked and talked.  I think I finally got home around 3:00 !!!!  Ha... it was so great!  Remember Carol Crago... (for those of you from Florida)?  She owned my favorite store in Orlando - Good Home Quilt Company.... sure miss that store!!!  She and her sweet hubby are retired too...but she still quilts and loves her grandchildren as much as I do!

After I arrived home... I immediately did nothing!  That wasn't good!  I sat my hinny in my chair and did nothing. I must be better!

Hey... I found some wonderful things to share with you...

Love this idea... especially things you use ALL OF THE TIME... the idea is to help keep your counters more organized.  I'm not a person that likes lots of things on my counters... more of a minimal girl when it comes to my counter tops.  I like to have space to work.  I'm a lover of baskets so this is a great idea.  Of course... I'm a lover of lots of things so I could find tons of containers to put my things in... polish pottery, galvanized container, vintage box... the sky is the limit for me!

Now... this is so darn clever.  Why can't my teeny tiny brain think of these things.  The corners of the pantry are such a waste... now you can use it for all of those tiny things that seem to just be in the way.  If your shelves are spaced far enough might even be able to use a double-decker turn table!  Yippee for this idea!

I've noticed more and more of us are beginning to post Christmas ideas on Pinterest.  I must have a million of them on my Christmas boards.  This is one of my favorites.  I'm thinking about this resting on my fireplace mantle!  Wouldn't that be so pretty.  I'll have to do my lettering in another color... I don't think it will show up against my brick color... but the idea is SUPER!!!

Then...this I'M DOING!!!  I'm going to buy some REAL firewood and make this display in my fireplace!  This one is an old wooden crate...they have placed the logs in vertical with greenery and candles.  I think I may use a few candles and then add some red berries and some tiny white lights and hide them with the greenery.  Won't this look so pretty INSIDE your fireplace (we don't use ours... it's too darn hot here... why do we have them in Florida... I've always wondered that? Weird huh?)

Now..this is pretty darn clever!  They have taken the corners and added architectural inserts to give their cabinets a more "high-end" look.  How easy is this?  This has been put on my TO DO list the next time we decide to "enhance" the kitchen.  Even if you have wood cabinets, I'll be this would look great painted... making sure to pick the perfect paint color that compliments the cabinets, counter tops and the other colors in your kitchen!  I especially love the accent along the wall.  I'm not sure what that is... it almost looks like GIANT ball chain doesn't it?  So Cool!!

I think we should all print this and hang it all over our house...them put it to memory.  Sometimes we open our mouths before we THINK... don't you THINK so?  Words spoken can sometimes be so cruel and hurting...  Then on the other hand...sometimes words we DON'T say can be just as painful!

Deep... don't you think?  Sorry to give you something so SAD this early in the morning...but I really liked the thought behind it!

And then... we have this FAT CAT... I kind of feel like her lately!!!  Relaxed, FAT and happy!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  It's time to get back on my diet again.  I will admit... I've fallen off the band wagon and it's time to crawl back up and start playing again.  (have I told you how much I hate to diet?... I'm SURE I have)

On that's time for another cup of coffee and to get my day started.  I'm sewing with the girls today... the highlight of my week.  Plus... I have to spend time with Lynn (my quilter) ... she's a crochet GURU and she's helping me make a sweet little "light-weight" sweater for Heather.  I have the two fronts done... now it's on to the back.  It's so fast... I love it.  Even if Heather doesn't wear it much (or at all)... it's been great fun learning how to make something!!!  (like I don't have enough to make already... I must stay ON TASK!... oh heck... this is JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN in my life time)

Ok.... chat tomorrow... have fun sewing today!  Stay happy and THINK!  Ha!


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