Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hmmmm... I've been so wrapped up on the computer this morning..the time just slipped away.  You see...I'm getting a bio written for my Heather - we're going to see if we can find a manufacturer for her Mohair Bears & Friends!  She is just so talented and they are so wonderful... she simply MUST show them to the world!  Don't you think? 

She has them on her website  Mohair Bears & Friends  AND on her Etsy site  hlynnmohairbears !  So... everyone keep us in your prayers and I know we will soon find a manufacturer/distributor. 

Aren't these wonderful... you see this bunny?  This is Dusty!  Some of her friends at church had a pet bunny, Dusty... he was the love of their lives... well he died and they were so sad.  Heather asked if they had a picture of Dusty (which they gave to her) so she designed and hand-stitched this EXACT replica of Dusty.  They had his little body cremated and his ashes are tucked away inside this little fellow.  Isn't that so sweet???  I just think it's wonderful.  (Can you tell I'm VERY proud of her?)

Well... it's now time the WORLD sees this talent so I'm going to make this happen for her.  I'M ON A MISSION... WATCH OUT!!! 

Hey... take a look at this cool idea!  I love how they've taken this antique screen door (it's so unusual isn't it?) and positioned it as a small divider in the room.  Then tucked a cute little display at the edge and hung an adorable arrangement on the door itself.  I sure wish I had this red door!  Here's a fact that you may not know.... every time we had a piece of furniture that was RED in the Olde Green Cupboard - it sold like hotcakes!  Isn't that cool?  My hubby painted more things red... he didn't understand why that color was so popular...but heck... who cares.. people LOVED it!  I STILL DO!    Actually... I would love to own 3 of these doors and attach them together with hinges to make a WALL screen... OMG.. can't you just see it?  So pretty... with a gorgeous quilt folded and hung over one of the doors!!!  WAH!!!!   I'm so jealous!

THEN... TAKE A PEAK AT THIS QUILT... it's just simple, simple, simple,  1/2 square triangles... but it's just awesome.  I like how they put the same 4 together - it makes an interesting pattern doesn't it.  There is just something wonderful about a scrappy quilt...

Now... how many of you love glass jars?  (are you holding your hand up?)  Well... I think they are awesome!  I happen to own a couple of older ones and I'm in the process of designing a wool applique band that goes around the entire jar.  I saw one at Primitive Gatherings and thought it was so darn cute.  So... I thought I would work on my own jars... cool don't you think?  Who knows... we may even make one in our B-a-a-a-d Girls Club.  I'm wanting to find a GIANT jar... (another thing to look for in the antique stores) so I can fill it up with my OLD tomato pin cushions.  I have so many now... they won't all fit in my current jar.  Then.. adding a wool band around the middle would be he icing on the cake... don't you think?

I saw these on Pinterest and I knew you all just had to see them...they are perfect for this Halloween season!  Frankenstein fingers... TO EAT!!  Aren't they gross looking?  ick!  You dip them in green icing (thinned a bit) then take some chocolate icing and paint on the knuckles.. and add some to the tip - then press down a slivered almond!  There you go.... Nasty fingers for the kids to eat!  HA!!  They will LOVE THEM!!!

AND... don't forget to get your Glow In The Dark nail polish.  I found some for Lexie... she painted her fingers... put them up inside the lampshade (for several minutes) and then we ran into the bathroom and shut the lights off... HER FINGERS GLOWED!  So cool for little ones! (and you too if you want to glow at night...hhhmmm.... HA)

And...last but not least.... isn't this the cutest puppy???  I want this puppy!!!!  What a sweet little expression!

Okay... I'm back to my MISSION... I just wrote Heather's "Bio" so now I'm putting the portfolio together for her!  Keep your fingers crossed...say your prayers for us... wish us well... we're off to the races!

Hugs to all... chat tomorrow!


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