Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi everyone!!!

I've lost track...what in the heck is today... Oh.. yes... it's Tuesday!!!  Isn't it wonderful when you loose track of the day!!!

Yesterday was a "road trip"!  We went to the city of Brenham, Tx... the home of  "Leftover Antiques"... well... let's just say I was in HEAVEN!!  They had the most unusual French and English antiques and I wanted everyone of them.  However, the prices were a bit out of my pocketbook that's for sure.  I talked to one of the fellows that owned the shop and he said they travel to France and England and tromp all over buying, hauling and refurbishing their treasures.  It was unbelievable... full of HUGE antique french windows, doors and shutters... wonderful findings.  I just wanted to live there!  I got so many great ideas!!

Then we hit several other antique stores...oh my.... how wonderful were they!!  Then on the way back home we went to "Charming Charlies"!!  It's HUGE and full of costume jewelry, purses, fun shoes... it was so cool.  I could have stayed there all day.  I did find out they have a store in Jacksonville.. and from the address she gave me.. it must be in the Avenue Mall.  That should tell you how long it's been since I've been in the mall shopping!!!

Isn't this a great idea...these are quilted blocks they have made into hot pads... so I had this idea....
Do you have blocks that you've made that you just didn't like?  Maybe you decided to not use it because not every little seam intersection matched up like you intended.... (not that this would happen to YOU...hahahahaha!).  Well, don't discard them... quilt these puppies up quickly (double batting) - add a binding and you now have NEW hot pads. 

My hot pads... they are from the store.....and I wash them (quite often) and wash them...then one day I looked at how UGLY they were and told myself.  You silly girl.. throw these nasty things away and treat yourself to some new ones.  So I did...it's amazing how NEW hot pads made me want to cook more!  (strange...don't you think?)  I will now be making my own!!

Look at this little fellow...doesn't he just make you giggle?  I adore him!  He has such teeny - tiny eyes and nose.... It kind of looks like someone stepped on him doesn't it?  I love strange shaped jack-o-lanterns.  See the sticks popping out of the top of his head?   So funny!!

Hey...don't you love this quilt?  This is Paula's foyer - so stinkin' cute.  She has all of these sweet vignettes of cool things.  This one has an adorable white stool, white wooden box filled with antique photos of her family.  Added to the group are several antique mirrors, silver trays and Longaberger baskets. 

This fabulous quilt, Oak Alley is hanging in her living room... you just want to sit and stare at it.  The quilting on this piece is unbelievable!  Just fabulous!

I believe today we may be going on a road trip to LaPorte, Tx...not too far from here!  We're on the hunt for a porch swing and to visit the Painted Pony Quilt Shop.  This store is so wonderful.  It's a "MUST VISIT" shop if you ever come to Houston to the quilt show.  It's not far - and well worth the trip. 

Then...it's more work on my patterns.  I'm learning so much...and soon I hope to be more of a "whiz" when it comes to the graphics in our patterns.

It's time for another cup of coffee... and to get back to work.  I was pretty much a "slacker" yesterday so I need to make up for my playing day!

Have a great one...get some sewing done!


p.s.  We had yummy... yummy pasta last night with feta and Parmesan cheese with sun dried tomatoes!  OMG.. my honey will love it.  I've got the recipe and it's coming home with me.

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